Flyco 3D Floating Revolving Shaver

A man does what he has to do in order to remain a respectable man of the society. One of the things that make up a good image in men is personal grooming, shaving being an indisposable part of the process. The Flyco 3D Floating Revolving Shaver comes as a perfect solution for trimming your beard. It gives a good quality cut and leaves a smooth lining on your face. Unlike the traditional razors that leave bumps and itchy skin on you.


The 3D Floating Revolving shaver is comparatively a safer tool for trimming hair especially on the sensitive regions of the skin. The design’s overall look is uniquely sleek and fine to touch. It has a good combination of functional buttons that work hand in hand to perfectly execute the shaving process. At the top part of the gadget are the shaving heads, protection cap, and a headcover. The three parts work contemporarily to ensure no cuts or hard scratches on the skin.

An operating LED indicator is placed on the neck region of the machine, surrounding the on/off sliding power button. It primarily works to provide real-time information on the battery capacity of the machine so as to prevent injuries while shaving. There’s is also a pop-up trimmer that especially helps in cutting long hair easily.


The hair cutting machine is relatively small in size; measuring 6.42×2.36×1.97 inches, which makes it highly portable and can hardly occupy any space in your backpack, in case you were traveling for a seminar or a mission. The shaving heads feature a double track close shaving cutter that increases the contact area by 50% to make it more convenient and easy to shave.

The fact that this kind of shaving machine can display charging time, usable time and the current usage time makes it stand out. This allows the user to easily control the electric quantity. In case the shaving process took an unaccepted turn then the intelligent blocking protection can swing to action. Blocking the shaving heads stops the entire process, so its safer than other machines.


All things considered, this is the right shaving machine for you. Moreover, it’s personal and hygienic as opposed to the public barber shops where you can easily catch an infection. This is a gift that every man wants and its durability makes it even more ideal. It goes for only 29 US dollars in the e-stores.

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