Alfawise NY-8188MJA Professional Blender: Prepare Healthy Diets For Your Family

One great philosopher said a healthy family is a happy family. In as much as our bodies need properly cooked food, fruit-rich diet is equally important. Alfawise NY-8188MJA Professional Blender comes with a solution for your household. With this kind of blender you can prepare smoothies, fruit juice, milkshake, baby food, just to mention but a few.

Design & Capacity

The Alfawise Professional blender measures 7.48×7.48×18.11 inches in the overall dimensions. The jar itself has the size of 5.71×5.90×10.24 inches which simply converts to a capacity of 2 liters. Securing one of the blenders for your home will surely bring a decorative value to your kitchen as it takes a decent classy look, both from the inside and outside.

Alfawise NY-8188NJA-Professional-Blender

One of the four faces of the base of the Alfawise blender is equipped with a large clear LED display panel that shows time. This is primarily where the user monitors time as the blending process occurs in order to achieve the best results. Perpendicularly beneath the LED display panel is a circular knob that adjusts between ten pre-programmed settings. These are generally the different speeds that are required for different types of food. One only needs to adjust the knob to the scale of preference based on the ingredients input in the blender.


Features & Functionality

At either side of the speed adjustment knob are the on/off controllers that act as power input functions for the blender. It is relatively easy to operate the Alfawise NY-8188NJA blender. Whenever the lid is accidentally opened or the jar is detached from the base, the blender automatically shuts off. This guarantees the safety of the user.

Alfawise NY-8188NJA-Professional-Blender

As compared to its peers, this type of blender is lighter, more efficient and easy to install. As far as the mode of operation is concerned the Alfawise emits acceptable levels of sound, just about 80 decibels.

Alfawise NY-8188NJA blender sources its power from a 1450w sturdy motor that ensures smooth operations of the device. It also has a combination of eight sharp stainless steel blades that enhance its activities of cutting, pulverizing or chopping food.

Alfawise NY-8188NJA-Professional-Blender

Like any other component in the kitchen, the Alfawise Professional blender has to go through the dishwasher to avoid contamination of food. Only that washing this kind of blender is an easy operation; it includes either putting the pitcher, lid and jar on the dishwasher or simply pouring warm water on the jar, adding a soap detergent and then thorough shaking of the jar follows. Ensure to clean the outer surface of the jar as it might contain food stains from the blending procedure.

Alfawise NY-8188NJA-Professional-Blender


The Alfawise NY-8188NJA blender is a cool device that a modern household should not miss. It’s a light portable product that you can carry along with you in the office too. The efficiency of the blender will not let you miss a day without vitamins in your diet. Furthermore, it comes with a manual that has a comprehensive set of instructions to help you with the blending procedure. Enjoy your vegetables, fruits, cake batter, sticky dough, coffee beans, and many more ingredients by processing them through this kind of blender.

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