UMIDIGI Uwatch: 1.33″ Display Screen and A Powerful Nordic Chipset

As the Smartwatch continue to penetrate just about every aspect of our lives, industry leaders keep on to modify their models to suit our continually changing needs. The UMIDIGI Uwatch is newly remodelled and revised with unique aesthetics that make it stay ahead of the competition. It comes with plenty of features, and when linked with a smartphone it opens a wide range of potential capabilities.


UMIDIGI Uwatch has a sleek and stylish design with a vibrant display that works best even outdoors. It features a large 1.33-inch display screen that has a high resolution for greater detail and a vast amount of information display. The screen takes the form of a 2.5D curved tempered glass that enables high touch sensitivity while maintaining a wider viewing angle.


The overall look at the design of the stylish Uwatch is that of a round full metal unibody with the App features in the display taking a circular shape too. UMIDIGI Uwatch has not only a replaceable smart bracelet but also a magnet control that holds it tight on your wrist to avoid slips under random movements. One has to only adjust the strap to the point that perfectly fits and is comfortable, in other words, not too tight or loose.


The hand strap is a full mesh of high-quality black stainless steel material that is gentle on your skin and does not leave prints on the wrist. One has an option to choose between the said steel mesh and another strap that has a network of hole arrays with a fashionable look.

Hardware and Connectivity

The newly re-engineered UMIDIGI Uwatch features three different User Interface styles which solely lie at the end user’s disposal. In addition to the excellent build quality of the Smartwatch, the Uwatch is powered by a high-performance Nordic 52832 chipset that is power efficient and allows for a smooth running of the device.


UMIDIGI Uwatch sports the latest Bluetooth technology that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. When paired with a Smartphone, one can receive & reject calls, receive App notifications and messages. In a situation where a smartphone device is not involved, one can play their music via Bluetooth headphone speakers.


Like most of the smart bracelets of the time, Uwatch comes with a number of fitness sports modes that offer real-time information on health data of an individual. These range from heart rate to step counter to sleep monitor and many more. One can easily observe their body behaviour and that’s all that matters. Equally important, the smartwatch can also act as a vital technology assistant that observes and report timely information about the environment around, for example, weather forecasting. This helps in planning for the day.


Battery and Other Features

When it comes to battery, the UMIDIGI Uwatch runs on a capacity of 180mAh, which is considerably one of the massive capacities for a smartwatch. Standby time is one of the critical factors to consider when making a buying decision for a smartwatch. The Uwatch can go for 25 days straight on a single charge and 7-10 days under intense usage. It takes three hours to recharge the smart bracelet.


By and large the UMIDIGI Uwatch is a pretty cool smartwatch that can play a great companion. We cannot exhaust the smart features without mentioning the IP67 certified status of the device. In simple terms, the smartwatch can resist bad environmental conditions such as rain and dust to some extent.

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