Tables M69 FPV Drone: Easy Operation and Stable Flights

Drones apply to almost all the fields of our daily lives. These include commercial aerial surveillance, remote sensing, real estate & construction industry, motion picture filmmaking, just to mention but a few. Drones have evolved over the years and people are starting to find a hobby in it. Others use personal drones to increase efficiency in their work.

Tables M69 FPV Drone comes with the right set of features that enhance the functionality of a drone. Let’s have a detailed look at the M69 FPV drone.

General Specifications

Dimensions: 22.0×20.5×5.0 cm
Charge Time: 1 hr 40 minutes
Battery: 1000mAh
Standby Time: 13-15 minutes
Remote Distance: 80 metres
Colour: Blue, Red & Black

Features and Performance


M69 FPV has one of the highest altitude drone flight records of all times. The drone includes a wide-angled camera function of size 2MP at the front part. The lenses have high precision resolving power that allows it to take photos of a large area. A creative choice of subjects guarantees videos and pictures of excellent quality.


Flying a drone for the first time especially on a windy day can be one hell of a nightmare for the beginners. First flights demand the pilot’s attention before later graduating to drone video and cinematography. M69 FPV drone is fully packed with enough control features that can be easily mastered by any regular pilot. Headless Mode function on the drone also helps out beginners as the drone automatically moves relative to the controller.

Key Control Features of Tables M69 FPV Drone

Tables M69 can be paired with a smartphone leaving the user with an option to choose the trajectory of the drone. We can hardly do a thing without our smartphones since the 21st century began. One only needs to open the trajectory flight on their screens in order to draw the path to be followed by the drone.


M69 FPV drone not only has one key for taking off and landing but also has one key return button that takes it back to the starting point. The Height Set feature further makes it simpler for an armature to fly the device. Control of operations is centralized at the area around the multipurpose keys to make control process convenient.

Price and Availability

A few rounds of flights with M69 FPV drone will soon turn an armature into a real pro. It is a quick installation, and many users have recommended it as a first purchase if one is serious about developing a hobby in flying. M69 FPV is a good product at a reasonable price as you can check it out in the store below.

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