L8STAR BM30: A Convenient Super Mini Mobile Phone

We all miss the old taste of our full-button phones that prevailed in the market before the era of smartphones checked in. It is a rare thing to find anyone in possession of the good old phones unless they are using it for convenience. The manufacturers, however, keep producing new models each new day to serve the interests of the consumers who know the worth of having a super mini phone as back up on their side.

L8STAR BM30 phone rolled out recently and is among the best button phones currently available in the mobile market. It takes the form of the old Nokia phones but slightly smaller.


The new supermini phone measures 6.45×2.45×1.25cm in dimensions, a size that is one-seventh of a regular smartphone. It is a small and beautiful design that will surely look good on you. Despite the tiny L8STAR BM30 still incorporates multiple features whose performance will tremendously exceed your expectations.


A comfortable antislip ear strap

Another key point aside from portability is that the L8STAR BM30 phone has a detachable ear strap. The hook is light, soft on the skin and does not fall off easily even under random movements. The level of convenience with the phone is unmatched as calling and receiving calls is easy, and the fact that it lets your hands free.


The 0.66 inch OLED display screen in BM30 is the same size as most of the popular smartwatches around. It is particularly small mainly because the operation of the phone is through the numeric keypad keys. There is a number of functional keys consolidated in the device. These include the call/Bluetooth key, the control pad, and two other operative keys.

Software and Functionality of L8STAR BM30

As much as the L8STAR BM30 mobile phone is not a smartphone, it comes with a handful of fun features that enhance communications. It comes with Bluetooth v3.0 technology which allows one to connect the mini mobile phone to their smartphones. When paired the device act as some sort of a remote control used to dial & receive calls, send & receive messages, adjust music playback and volume.


The internal storage space is limited obviously but that is compensated by the phone’s ability to support 2G/3G/4G nano sim cards. In addition, space is expandable via a micro-SD card up to 32GB. That’s enough playlist store to turn the mini gadget a wizard MP3 music player.

The magic voice call is another highlight feature that boosts the performance of the mini phone gadget. This adds more fun to phone conversations to make it more interesting. When strapped in the ear the device filters the noise from outside distractions to enable clear calls and music.


L8STAR BM30 mini phone is powered by MediaTek’s MTK6261D processor which is considered as one of the powerful chipsets used in small range handsets. The phone features a 220mAh durable battery that has a fairly long standby time. The device is also reported to emit low radiations, 1⁄7 of what a regular smartphone emits, which has been one of the leading causes of Cancer.


Price and Availability

The L8STAR BM10 is a beautiful cool product that comes along with more efficiency to life. It especially works for people who go out on the field for long hours on end because of the long standby time of the battery. If your smartphone got lost and maybe you still need to save for a new phone, then this pretty cool device can act as a reachability medium in the meantime.

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