ILIFE W400 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: High Standard Autonomous Cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming the order of the day. We face a multitude of tasks that we need to accomplish every day. But with the correct set of home appliances, one can handle their household chores with ease.

ILIFE W400 is the newest of the popular ILIFE vacuum robots line. It comes as a successor of the X800 vacuum cleaner that made hit sales in September this year. It is also important to realize that the W400 is the first wiping design produced by ILIFE Robot cleaner company.


General Specifications

Cleaning Modes: 4
Standby Time: 1hr 20 minutes
Dimensions: 282mmx292mmx118mm
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Type of Floors: Hardfloor/ Carpet
Weight: 3.3 Kg

How it works

Wiping vacuum cleaners work on the principle of vacuum suction where an electric motor whirls a fan sucking in air and other small particles to create negative pressure. Consequently, dirt and dust are picked in the process, cleaning the area around the robot cleaner.

Most industry models have however suffered a deficiency in the past. End users have collectively reported cases of wiping robots distributing water on the floor, use the wipe to take up dirty water only to redistribute it to the previously cleaned floors.

To solve the mystery, ILIFE W400 comes with complete mechanization substantial to handle the cleaning process to the later. One would argue that ILIFE addressed the root of the problem by installing a 0.85L tank that stores dirty water absorbed by the cleaner. Careful cleaning will leave the floor area sparkling clean.

The process of cleaning using the W400 Robot Vacuum cleaner outlines in a 4-steps procedure. Effective method leaves no trace of water on the path the cleaner takes.


Source: Aliexpress

The first step involves diluting tough stains on the floor by sprinkling with clean water. Extensive care is observed to avoid setting ruts on the floor. Washing up of the floor then follows where a fiber roller thoroughly scrubs it at high frequency. This step enables for removal of hard stains and any form of dirt.

As earlier mentioned, the Suction principle aids in the taking up of dirty water into the 0.85L storage tank. One can increase the suction power by switching to max mode. The final step entails the scraper wiping off the residues that may have accidentally been left behind in the cleaning process.

ILIFE W400 Cleaning Modes

To achieve the highest level of cleanliness, the W400 Vacuum Robot supports four different cleaning modes for distinct purposes. The Path Mode enables the cleaner to methodically clean a large space without repeating or skipping any area while the Area Mode defines the boundaries of the particular area to be wiped clean.

On the other hand, the Spot Mode allows the cleaner to clean an ugly spot intensively. Increased suction in a spiral pattern works on the identified place. The other cleaning mode is the Edge Mode which takes care of the edges of the walls. It focuses more on the dead corners that may have been missed out in past cleanings. The parts of the floor hidden under obstructions like furniture get cleaned up under the Edge Mode too.


It would be so inappropriate to have a vacuum cleaner that could topple at the slightest collision or on a rugged terrain. ILIFE equipped the W400 cleaner sufficiently with a complete set of terrain detection sensors. They are split into Anti-Collision and Anti-Fall detectors that are located on the front and base parts of the robot respectively. The sensors allow it to perform its cleaning task to practical completion autonomously.


As from the technical specifications and usability of the cleaner, ILIFE W400 is an essential product in today’s household. It’s a quality build product that can deliver value for money because of its efficient use. If you are interested in getting your home the W400 cleaner then is the right shop for you. It only costs around 224 US dollars to purchase the W400 robot vacuum cleaner. You can check out the deal below.

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