Xiaomi Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle Review: Enjoy Your Drink At The Right Temperatures

Biological Scientists report that 70% of the composition of our bodies is taken up by fluids. It is common practice to have a drink by your side; whether you are on a tram heading to work or just any type of public transport you spend a substantial amount of time without access to a cup of cold brew coffee, water or any other drink. Taking sips in long intervals is also more preferable as opposed to gulping to full stomach in seconds.

Xiaomi Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle serves the purpose. You get to enjoy your drink at own pace within the right temperatures. Let’s have a look at the convenience this water bottle brings on the table.

Shape and Design of the Xiaomi Thermal Bottle


The beautiful little ‘Xiaomi flask’ cup is the perfect size for your backpack and comes in the right dimensions. It measures 22.80×8.40×7.50 cm and weighs about 31og, you can barely feel it, a fact that makes it useful to both kids and adults alike. The water bottle is an ergonomic design that is artistically made with a double layer stainless steel. A vacuum in between the layers serves an insulation purpose to maintain the desired temperatures in the cup. In other words, hot drinks remain hot while cold drinks cannot gain temperatures from the adjacent environment.


A decent hand strap is one of the key factors to consider when faced with a decision to buy a water bottle. Xiaomi water bottle comes with a textured leather rope that displays the natural look of a leather material with distinct fresh cutting lines. We strongly recommend that you keep checking the screw used on the hand strap as it might have the tendency to loosen over long periods of usage.

The Lid contains a damping rotary cup cover that can manually be operated on a single hand. The cover effectively prevents unplanned opening which would cause spillage. It would be so embarrassing and equally dangerous to accidentally pour hot coffee on your clothes in a public setting.


The Xiaomi thermal bottle takes a 180-degree double helix curved shape that has a nice brushed finish for a comfortable grip on your hand. The cup rim diameters are of reasonable size and the travel mug comes in White and Gray colors.

Performance and Hardware

Xiaomi intelligent thermal vacuum water bottle features a vibrant OLED display screen. Content displayed in the screen include the liquid temperature and storage timing. It also has a variety of fun games you can play whenever you feel bored on your way home. The screen needs to always be handled with great care to avoid moisture seepage into the Lid as that would badly corrode the PCB.


It keeps the liquids hot or cold for more than six hours. In order to read the temperatures, one has to turn the bottle upside down and shake it before checking the display for a figure. Xiaomi claims the temperature accuracy has a 1% chance of an error. The high sensitive temperature sensor integrated within the lid mechanics improves the accuracy of the thermos cup.


Price and Availability

Unlike the Unicorn Mug, the Xiaomi’s intelligent thermal water bottle design can be applicable to anyone who desires a hot or cold preservation for their drink. You can also learn to prepare a cup of cold brew coffee using this type of thermal cup. Xiaomi thermal bottle is a quick buy product on Gearbest.com for 30 US dollars.

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