Bluetooth 4.2 EDR Unisex Gloves: Efficient Phone Companion During Winter

We all hate that time of the year when winter hits and bite to the bone marrow. Europe especially is only forgiving through June to late August but cold prevails for the better part of the year. Gloves come to our rescue but do you really like to keep removing one or both of your clothes everytime you want to use your phone?

Bluetooth 4.2 EDR Unisex Gloves has a solution for all that. The pair of gloves is richly equipped with sophisticated features including a microphone and speaker that allows you to answer calls while your phone is in the pocket. The material used is optimized at the end sections to be compatible with the touchscreen of a smartphone.



Source: Gearbest

The microphone is located on the upper part of the stretch that covers the little finger(nicknamed pinky) of the left hand. It works contemporarily with an earphone speaker sewen into the thumb to allow one to answer their calls and listen to music. You only need to speak to your hand to get through a conversation on the phone.

Most functionalities of the Bluetooth 4.2 EDR Unisex Gloves are integrated on the left one for convenience while using it. There’s a USB port for recharging the battery is situated at the lower part on the end that covers the wrist. There are also three buttons adjacent to the USB port which are used for the Bluetooth function, music playback, and volume adjustments.




The fingertips to the thumb, index and middle fingers are made of special material that allows you to operate on the touchscreen of your smartphone without having to remove it. Previously heavy smartphone users have had a hard time choosing in between using their gadgets or covering the hands during heavy winter.

Features and Application

Bluetooth 4.2 EDR Unisex Gloves supports Bluetooth Ver.4.2+EDR technology within a transmission range of not more than 10 meters. The gloves are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You only need to press the Bluetooth switch button, find the match, pair and your gloves start acting as a control panel for your smartphone.

The material used is of excellent quality for comfort and warmth. Bluetooth 4.2 EDR gloves pack a 300mAh inbuilt Li-ion battery whose charging intervals can be two to three hours and has a standby time of about 250 hours. The fun gloves are available in diversified colors including Gray, Pink, Black, and Yellow.

Price and Availability

You can get a pair of these amazing Bluetooth 4.2 EDR gloves for a loved one and gift them this festive season. Delivery is fast especially if you bought the item from A pair goes for only 8 US dollars with all the comfort and convenience at your discretion.

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