Xiaomi Mi Internet Radio: An Extremely Portable Handy Speaker Radio

Last year, Xiaomi unveiled a cute internet speaker called the Mi Internet radio.  It is an advanced and developed version of an Internet radio speaker built to produce high-quality sound. Listening to the radio on the computer or your phone can be so annoying especially if you have to inconveniently input headphones for an enhanced sound system.

The Mi Internet Radio can be configured to a smartphone through the Mi Smart Home App for access to online radio stations. You can listen to vast content including your favorite stations and podcasts from the Himalaya FM network.



Xiaomi Mi internet Radio is a sleek design portable wireless speaker that comes in 83x83x50mm dimensions, a perfect size you can hardly feel on your backpack. It has a pronounced touch control at the top and an appealing red switch located at the top right corner. The speaker’s whole body is purely white except for the red control button at the top. That means its susceptibility to dirt is almost certain and has to be properly maintained to avoid scratches and dents that might give an ugly outlook to your device.


Audiobooks can be used concurrently with the relevant text

It has a distinct red button at the top used to switch in between the radio stations and control volume within the desired limits. The device is solely dependent on WiFi 2.4G connection whose quality of the Internet signal determines the quality and clarity of the radio. In the event that the internet is unavailable, there is an option to connect the music stored in the device’s 8GB storage. It also has a USB 2.0 port for a flash drive. Mi Internet Radio can also be connected to a phone or a PC through the auxiliary audio input and is available in a square-shaped white design.


Usage and Performance

Xiaomi Mi Internet Radio speaker works concurrently with a smartphone or a computer. One can download the Mi Smart Home app from the play store or download the client application on the smartphone by scanning the QR code. When pairing there are two options to switch stations, the use of the red button at the top right corner or the phone can also do as well. You only have to ensure you choose the Mi Internet Radio in the navigation menu.


Display of configured Mi Internet Radio on a Smartphone

One amazing factor with an Internet Radio is that it allows customized audio preferences with multiple users. This will be possible by pushing the CH key. The Mi Internet Radio has full support for voice control.

The gadget can also play the role of an alarm clock. It rings to a preset song of Mi Alarm Clock. The Internet Radio can access more than 1500 radio stations available in 30 provinces.  Xiaomi says the internet radio can pull songs from a database figure of 200,000 storytelling stations(podcasts) and 120 million audiobooks.


The Internet Radio is not big in size and has two 2.5Inch sub-woofers for more bass.  It is powered by Amlogc 8726M3 Cortex A9 processor, has dual-band WIFI and Bluetooth 4.1 supported for connectivity.  A USB 2.0 port an inbuilt 8GB storage and an auxiliary jack that helps one to enjoy the internet radio even if there is no internet. The battery capacity is a massive inbuilt 1000mAh.



The Mi Internet Radio speaker comes at a pocket-friendly price of about 21 US dollars. If you are a hardcore fun of adventure music and audiobooks you can hit Mi. com, Aliexpress.com or any other massive e-commerce stores from China. You can enjoy streaming through your favorite radio internet channels in the Mi Internet Radio from any part of the World and with the advancement towards 5G networks will spice up things a little more.

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