Lenovo Watch X: A Classic Wearable With Impressive Features

Lenovo unveiled the Lenovo Watch X Smartwatch as a successor of the Watch 9. The hype around it was so huge that the first batch of the product sold in China within a short span of 15 seconds! The Internet sells many times way faster than the traditional business.

The Watch X is mainly popular for the modern refined and stylish look as compared to its predecessor. It comes in two variants; Lenovo Watch X and the upgraded version, Watch X Plus. The main distinguishing factors between the two is that the former displays in Digital dial while the later does it in Roman numerals and has an air pressure regulating function. You are more classy if you vybe with numerals rather than digits.


Numerals and Digits Display Differences in Watch X and X Plus

Specifications of Lenovo Watch X

Manufacturer: Lenovo
Display: Screen, Sapphire Glass Mirror
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0,  Android & iOS
Battery: 600mAh, Standby Time- 45 days
Waterproof Rating: 8 ATM Waterproof
Functions: Health Tracker, Notification



The Lenovo Watch X is made up of a 1.5″ OLED screen that is greatly backed by Sapphire Glass mirror, which brightens things up for better display and is a hard material for maximum protection. We always get irritated by rough scratches on our gadgets and nothing shouts poverty more than a broken screen. Watch X screen is more advanced, brilliant, transparent and timely information on the watch displays with perfect clarity.



Lenovo Watch X Plus Vibrant Display

The elegant smartwatch is a metal bracelet particularly made of stainless material and is fitted with an OLED display for high-quality display of screen content and lower power consumption comparatively. Short battery life has been a significant defect affecting this category of consumer electronic goods.

Lenovo Watch X wearable is comfortable to wear and conveniently opens and closes with ease. Adjusting it to fit the girth of your wrist is enhanced by a powerful magnet located at the end of the strap. The magnetic flux brought to effect is strong enough to keep the watch held tight on its position even under extremely fast irregular movements. The strap can either be a metal or leather 20cm long and the width 1.8cm. I would pick the brown color over the black one any given day.


Watch X’ metal strap with a strong magnet at the end

Application on the daily routine

Keeping your health on the check is perfectly possible with Lenovo Watch X. It has a Health Tracker function which is further broken down into the Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder and the Heart Rate Monitor. For the newbies who might not be aware of how the Pedometer in a Smartwatch works, it measures your steps as your body swings when walking, each body swing is recorded as a step. You can then multiply the number of steps and the distance between each to come up with the total journey covered.


Tracking Exercise is efficient on Watch X Plus

The Heart Rate Monitor gives real-time information on your heartbeat at intervals. The level of accuracy of the function is reliable as Watch X is a wristwatch and blood pressure in your wrists is generally high during the beats and low in between the beats.

The sensors on the Heart rate monitor are intelligently designed to detect actual levels of the amount of the blood flowing This translates to correct record of the heartbeat which further helps in assessing the overall health and fitness of your body. Other important personal health records like sleep monitoring and any other feature that dictates the state of health of an individual are accounted for in the Lenovo X bracelet.


How it works

There is a QR code on the instruction manual that lets you download the Lenovo Watch App. It is compatible with the iOS and Android connected on Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Lenovo Watch app can be accessed in English although users have previously complained about some details getting lost in the translation. Watch X has a relatively long battery life, approximately 45days, a period that is quite lower than the predecessor’s probably because it has more additional apps to sustain.



Lenovo Watch X is a classy fashion accessory you gift to a friend or treat a family member. Those of us who would like to try it can check it out on Gearbest or any other giant e-commerce stores. It only goes for about 50 US dollars which is a price that would be described as value for your money as the jewelry is noble.

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