Enhance Your Photography Experience With Xiaomi Youpin iDol RC Drone

Are you in love with the immersive experiences that come with drone flights? Xiaomi is a well-known team player in the industry. The Chinese tech guru in the final quarter of this year launched Xiaomi Youpin Foldable iDol, RC Drone. Among the outstanding features includes real-time HD FPV transmission and a (1920x1080P) HD camera. A great positioning system is achieved by a combination of features for stable flights.

iDol RC drone is a product that works for both armatures and pros alike. Early buyers reported some of the pros to this brand of Xiaomi drones as quick installation, super fun flights and as fit for beginners who just got into flying.

Design and Performance


Xiomi Youpin iDol RC is a 22.6×26.8×4.3cm sized foldable drone that comes in two versions; RTF(with Transmitter and two batteries) and BNF( without Transmitter and has one battery). The camera has a resolution of 1920x1080p that enhances High Definition real-time transmission.

It has an AI Gesture Control which enables you to command it hands-free. The Landing Gesture made by raising your hand with your palm naturally open tells it to land while raising your hand with the first and the middle finger crossed commands it to shoot. Taking selfies becomes totally fun without hectic and complicated App control.


AI Gesture Control lets you command the Drone’s next move with a high level of convenience

You can take your photography to the next level with the combination of [email protected] and 1920x1080P photos that are accurate, high grade and appropriately colored. The Xiaomi Youpin drone has a robust electronic stabilizing system with a 3D noise reduction algorithm. A combination of the distinct sturdy features enables iDol RC Drone to capture High Definition shots for the classic record of high-quality photos of the pivotal moments of your life.

Stable flights are guaranteed for the RC Drone mainly because of a unification of Optical Flow Positioning, GPS Positioning, Ultrasound Altitude Hold and Barometric Altitude Hold. All these modes have perfect recognition of the ground and the stability of the drone cannot be compromised even in a case where there’s no satellite signal.


The Headless and Electronic Fly Range modes ensure unidirectional and safer flights. The Auto Return mode lets Xiaomi Youpin Drone automatically reset to its default when you fail to control it for more than 10 seconds. Safety is further enhanced by the Low Voltage Protection function that puts on full gear when the power percentage drop of the Drone hit 30%.


The Youpin drone is light and extremely portable on its package bag. It has been designed with low weight, about 362g inclusive of the battery. The low weight design does not interfere with its flight performance as the brushless motor adopted as a source of power to propel the drone has sufficient resolute power that maintains the flight efficiency. The battery is 1800mAh LiPo that sustains the drone for longer flights of up to 10mins.


The Xiaomi Youpin iDol RC Drone is available in two variants; there is the model that comes with RTF, Transmitter and two batteries and one with BNF, no Transmitter and has a single battery. The former is available on Gearbest at 212 US dollars while the later costs about 179 US dollars in the same internet mall. The prices on Aliexpress range within the same limits so its a matter of choice.

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