Xiaomi Mi Band 3: Smart Fitness Tracker Wearable

The original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet is a classy consumer wearable with elegant features that enable you to live big. Xiomi was all value-for-money oriented in the design process from the 0.78″ OLED touchscreen through 5 ATM water resistance rating to the way the main operations of your smartphone are synchronized into the watch. Mi Band 3 is reported to be currently at the top of the Wearables market in India, giving Xiaomi an edge of dominance in the South Asian country.


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Bracelet launched with an OLED Touchscreen as opposed to the predecessors which only had a touch button. The screen is efficient in a way that its relatively large size displays substantial information and fits flawlessly on the wrist. The other element that comes with Mi Band 3 is the improved water resistance properties of the screen; you can dive 50M deep down a water pool and still not brick your watch.

The brilliant display of the Mi Band 3 has curved edges that leave the OLED display screen bulging out in an arched manner. A convexly shaped screen displays more information than a flat one. A soft silicon strap picks from the edge of the display and gives a natural, warm and comfortable wear around the wrist circumference. It has a holder slot for tight wear and is super light with about 20g. You can hardly feel it.


Mi Band 3 fits perfectly on the wrist

Performance and Functions

Mi Band 3 comes with a new set of features that makes it stand out from the previous Mi Bands. One significant improvement as earlier mentioned is the 0.78″ OLED touchscreen which is so much advanced and can display information perfectly even under outdoor conditions. The displayed content appears all white, and the screen comes with a range of other options including swiping up/down or right/left to select through.

Your greatest exercise companion can be found in the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The Bracelet works hand in hand with the MiFit App, which operates on both Android and iOS, to record distance, speed, heart rate and other health data when the run outdoor sports mode is turned on. It can be used to cover multidiscipline exercises including fast walking(step tracker option), indoor runs and riding; you only need to check your wrist as a time guide through your workout.


Classy design of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Keeping the history of weather patterns and predicting future trends becomes more comfortable when you have the Mi Band 3 Bracelet. There is an icon on the screen that allows you to view weather forecasting data for the next three days. The Bluetooth connection to your phone will enable you to control and answer to incoming calls and message notifications from the smartwatch.

Other essential functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 includes keeping records of sleep, the day’s activities and calories burned, step tracking and a 24-hour heart rate tracking that automatically begins when put on.


The Mi Band battery has a capacity of 110mAh, a figure that is higher than the predecessor’s 70mAh, probably to sustain the smarter features including the OLED screen. The watch can last for 20 straight days on a full charge, but you would have to turn off the heart tracking feature to regulate power consumption.

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