Boost Your Coffee Experience With COZZINE Magic Unicorn Mug

We all are big fans of coffee; whether you are executing on a work project late deep into the night or watching a movie, you need coffee to get you through a range of activities in your to-do list. Starbucks, Caribou and Dunkin Donuts all clearly indicate that coffee is a multi-billion dollar business.

The shape, type, and material used in the coffee mug determine the level of satisfaction an individual derives from a coffee session. COZZINE Magic Unicorn Ceramic Cup is a colour changing mug that automatically turns the purple hairs on its external interface into rainbow colours when a hot drink is poured into it.

Colour Changing Unicorn Mug

The COZZINE Magic Unicorn Mug is made of high-grade ceramic with a smooth texture that will have a gentle feeling on your lips. It is designed with a heat sensitive colour change function whose primary role is to allow for the change from the default purple colour into rainbow colours when the mug is hot with a drink. The cup reveals when pouring into hot water and your day starts with pretty colourful dawn.

The cute unicorn pattern formed by the different colours improves the aesthetics of the cup and adds a sense of beauty to your kitchen. You can use it to serve hot water, coffee, tea among other drinks and comes with a capacity of 300ml.

The food-grade ceramic material that comes in the form of super smooth texture in the Magic Unicorn Cup is customised to provide safety for your health by significantly reducing cases of ingestion of poisonous material that come out when hot drinks corrode the internal parts of a cup. Plastics have generally been termed as cancerous for many years, and so it’s advisable to treat yourself with a decent collection of ceramic mugs.


The Unicorn Cup in Natural State

The Magic Unicorn Mug has many applications; you can use it to serve tea, milk, coffee or hot water for own consumption. It is also uniquely designed in a beautiful structure that can serve as a pen holder. If you are the type that decorates their households using flower vases and the likes, then the artful mug can act as your flower pot for small green plants, further advancing the aesthetics of your home.

The festive season is loading, and unicorn cup might be the perfect gift to your loved ones for less than 10 US dollars. The point is to brighten their lives by adding more fun to their regular activities and efficiency in their lives.

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