Bulldog Bluetooth 4.1 Speakers for HD Sound and Smart Features

We always wonder what Bluetooth speakers we should buy in a market that is infiltrated with counterfeit products and intermediaries who stop at nothing in the pursuit of the economy. Bulldog Bluetooth 4.1 speaker is one of the latest trendy smart speakers that produces high definition sound and refines the benefits of Bluetooth speakers. Whether you are going for a walk with your buddies or kicking it at a beach, a Bulldog speaker will always be that great cool music companion who never disappoints.


Bulldog Bluetooth 4.1 speaker is a unique, classy design whose overall look integrates features meant to optimize for maximum portability. It is a cool design crafted in a way that reflects the gentle personality trait of a typical English Bulldog breed. The ears appear erect, and the front interface outlines in a way that resembles a real-life Bulldog with spectacles on, something that gives it a funny look.


Bulldog Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker’s stunning design

The bold body shape and sophisticated technology encrypted in the Bulldog speaker makes it stand out in the range of Bluetooth speakers available on the market, including veterans like UE Boom 3 and Bose Soundlink Revolve. It is made of ABS Plastic material which is relatively durable and comes in Red, Black and White colours.


High Definition sound that comes out of stable drivers and bass radiators is an indisposable factor when considering features of a good Bluetooth speaker. Bulldog 4.1 speaker is furnished with the latest double 10W drivers and double bass radiators that work hand in hand to produce an incredibly powerful sound. The impressive sound quality the speaker delivers has all your outdoor activities covered without having to worry much about the audibility of your music being compromised by the passing wind and the noises around.


Bulldog Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 speakers pack a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that has a standby time of 10 straight hours. You can play even the loudest bass beats for hours on end and still go down before Bulldog does. Most smart Bluetooth speakers lack batteries or generally drain battery power so fast as soon as you begin your outdoor music endeavours.

Connections with a Bulldog speaker is super easy. The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and connects instantly with your smartphone in a diameter range of about 10 metres. There is also an option where you can connect to an audio source by the use of a 3.5mm jack. You can use your Bulldog 4.1 speaker while charging but it, however, lacks critical features like Waterproofing.


The best Bluetooth speakers are those with elegant features and specifications at low affordable prices. Bulldog 4.1 speaker is a perfect music companion whose extreme portability enhances the experiences of a typical nomadic music lover. When it comes down to price, Bulldog 4.1 costs around 39 US dollars, which is the average price of Bluetooth speakers in the streets.

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