Play any Gameboy game on the back of your iPhone!

In the advent where your iPhone is fully loaded with games of high defined graphic that could totally eat your time out, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt that much to have a case where you can ACTUALLY enjoy with yourself. Imagine this: your typical iPhone runs out of juice, and now you’re stuck on a monotonous line for the bus to move forward, how could you amaze yourself?

Fortunately, you can now enjoy the classic brick games to your phone case, thanks to the MLR GB Gameboy Playable Phone Case Tetris Case for iPhone 6 6s 7 7 Plus 8 Plus Play Game Console Cover

Source: Aliexpress

The phone case features the most classic and memorable brick games for you to play games with, such as Tetris, Racing Game, Classic Snake, Rana Salto and scores of others. Not only that, its overall aesthetic brings the vibes of the original Gameboy Brick Game Series, hence the phone case itself reflects a nostalgic feel for the user to rewind a bit of vintage pop culture right on his hands.

In contrast to its counterpart non-entertainment phone cases, the MLR GB Gameboy Playable Phone Case Tetris Case is actually a decent phone case for utility purposes. By its features, it has an Ultra Slim Protective Playable Phone Cover with TPU material that protects your phone from extreme force from falling, bumps, and scratches. The case itself is classified as a fitted case, so there is absolutely no worry for your poor phone to suffer from scratches.

The phone case itself is separately powered by a 2032 Button Battery, which unfortunately is not available within package upon purchase. However, the battery itself can be easily bought and can be bought from your local watch store or battery store

The MLR GB Gameboy Playable Phone Case Tetris Case comes in different colors namely white, black, red and purple. The phone case is currently available of the iPhone models of iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+ and iPhone X.

In summary, the MLR GB Gameboy Playable Phone Case Tetris Case is notable as a worth-it buy for the geeky buyer to enjoy a bit of vintage game rewind when your iPhone dies. Maybe you’ll go ahead and indulge yourself in a game of Tetris. Or two.

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