Houzetek W001 Weather Station: Now with Wireless Transmitter

One of the most important things that affect our mood is the weather. Watching the weather reports can be informative, but if you want to know exact temperature and humidity just outside your window, you need to get your own weather station. There are quite a few weather reporting devices available on GearBest, but Houzetek W001 is one of the best station that you can purchase, with colorful display, precise measurements and wireless radio sensor.

Houzetek W001 Weather Station – Main features

Houzetek W001 has the ability to measure temperature and humidity inside and outside the building, as well as cloudiness and “comfort” levels, sometimes referred to as biometric conditions. But that’s not all: the built-in calendar and clock has an alarm function, and thanks to the USB port this device can also work as a phone or tablet charger. Large 7.5-inch display has extremely high contrast and vivid colors, and its backlight brightness can be adjusted.

The wireless radio transmitter can be easily installed outside, for example on a windowsill or on the wall, and thus transmit data to the station without the need for a cable connection. It is very convenient, because it doesn’t require drilling holes in the wall to drag the cables inside, as in older type of wired weather stations.

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Feature Specs
Screen size 7.5 inch
Available measurements Humidity, temperature, overcast
Additional features Calendar, alarm clock, USB charger
Temperature range Indoor: 0 Deg. C – 50 Deg. C, tolerance: ±1 Deg. C, Outdoor: -35 Deg. C – 60 Deg. C, tolerance: ±1 Deg. C
Humidity range 25% – 95%
Transmission range Up to 100 m
No of outdoor transmitters supported Up to 3
Power requirements External transmitter: 2 x 1,5 V AAA battery, Weather station: 3 x 1,5 V AAA battery or 5V DC power supply
Size and weight 21.20 x 13.92 x 2.61 cm / 0,38 kg
Box contents 1 x Weather Station, 1 x Outdoor Transmitter, 1 x English User Manual


Weather station Houzetek W001 – Unboxing

Houzetek W001 is available with free shipping worldwide typically for GearBest the order has arrived quickly and without any delays in transit. The package itself is nicely designed.

Houzetek W001 box

On the back of the box you can find the technical data and information that this is US plug version of the device.

Houzetek W001 review

Box contents: weather station, power supply, wireless radio transmitter and manual in English.

Houzetek W001 box contents

Weather station is powered by a standard 5V power supply, operating at 100-240 V with US plug. Currently there is no option to pick EU power supply on GearBest, but you can substitute it with US-EU power plug adapter.

Houzetek W001 power supply

And actually, using the power supply isn’t required, because you can alternatively power Houzetek W001 by 3 AAA 1.5V batteries, which is useful if you want to hang it on the wall, without those unsightly cables.


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  • Temperature and humidity measurement inside and outside
  • Up to 3 outdoor transmitters supported
  • Powered by DC power supply or batteries
  • Time and date display in 7 languages
  • USB port for charging other devices
  • Can be hanged on the wall or put on a shelf


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  • Up to 99 meters range of wireless sensor
  • Real time monitoring
  • Big and easy-to-read color display with adjustable backlight
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • The USB charging function is useful as a spare charger for your phone
  • Supports up to 3 external sensors simultaneously

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  • External transmitter is not waterproof
  • Can’t measure atmospheric pressure


Houzetek W001 station

Temperature and pressure measurement

Precise easurements are the most important element of a well-functioning weather station, and the Houzetek W001 is excellent in the regard. The results are very accurate, up to 1 Celsius degree tolerance (which can be optionally set to US Fahrenheit scale) and 5% humidity tolerance. A trend icon (up or down arrow) informs us whether the temperature is currently in downtrend or uptrend. Colorful icons will also tell you also if there it’s raining or snowing or if the weather is cloudy.

Internal measurement sensors are located inside weather station and a small sensor-transmitter is used to check weather outside. It collects necessary data and transmits a radio signal with up 100 meters range. Transmitter casing can be nailed to the wall through one of dedicated holes. Note, however, that the external sensor isn’t waterproof, so it’s best to place it under the cover, for example under the windowsill. Weather station supports up to three such sensors at once, so you can measure the temperature and humidity in different places.

Houzetek W001 station

Additional features

As we mentioned, the device also displays current time, date and day of the week, and the latter can be displayed in one of 7 languages. The station also works as an alarm clock with a snooze function. This practical gadget can also work as an USB charging station, and can recharge your phone, tablet or smartwatch. If you use it as a charger, its best to power it from the 5V power supply, because the 1.5V batteries will be quickly discharged.

Houzetek W001 weather

Display and operation

We really liked the large and strikingly colorful display. It is very vivid, and if you want to reduce its brightness, you can do it with a single stroke of a button. The buttons located on the top of the case are easily accessible and the controls are very simple. If you have any problems operating this device, you can refer to very useful and clearly written manual in English – not always a thing in Chinese electronics!


Houzetek W001 will definitely come handy in any home and it’s the best weather station available on GearBest up to date. Attractive, large and colorful display makes it easy to read the temperature, time and humidity of the air at just a glance, while the additional functions as USB charger and alarm clock are always useful. We would like to see ability to check atmospheric pressure as well, but perhaps this would require expensive sensors, significantly increasing the price. Attractive packaging and good design makes it also a good gift idea. Houzetek W001 Station is available for just $38.99 with free shipping worldwide and it is worth taking the opportunity to enrich your home with this practical, accurate and inexpensive weather monitor.

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