SJCAM M20 Sports Camera: Tiny but Powerful

M20 is the smallest SJCAM sports camera to date and its weight is just 54 grams. Despite its small size, this camera is capable of recording some serious action, with interpolated 4K resolution at 24 frames per second. Take a look at its features and see why we recommend it as an awesome sports recorder.

SJCAM M20 Review

M20 is high definition lightweight camera equipped with pro-grade CMOS 16.0 MP sensor and wide-angle lens that allows for adjustable 166 degree Field of View. While you can record at full 4K, be aware that it’s interpolated, so it’s a bit like software 4K HD and exact real hardware resolution is 2880 x 2160 px. You can also change recording mode by lowering resolution as low as 640 x 480 px to get very fluid 240 fps videos.  Nevertheless, this is very impressive feat for such a small device and video quality is very good. There are even gyro stabilization and distortion correction functions that reduces shaking and produces more stable images. You can see watch uncut recording from SJCAM M20 below and see for yourself that there are no hiccups or frame drops and colors are really vivid and saturated:

Plenty of accessories included lets you use it straight out of the box. There are various screws, connectors and buckles so you can mount it anywhere you want: on bike handle, helmet, backpack or even as a car recorder. There is also casing which makes this camera waterproof up to 30 meters. 900mAh battery might not seem much, but it provides up to 75 minutes working time on single charge – definitely more than typical sports camera.  When you add other cool functions like dedicated app, WiFi connectivity for fast file transfer and time lapse mode, you will get almost perfect action camera.

sjcam m20 action camera review

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Feature Specs
Chipset Novatek 96660
Sensor 16 MP IMX206
Touchscreen size 1.5 inch
Functions Gravity sensor, gyro, anti-shake, motion detection
Resolution 4K (interpolated), 2160p (real)
FOV Up to 166 degrees
Battery 3.8V 900mAh
Max memory card size 128 GB (not included)
Connectivity WiFi
Waterproofing Waterproof up to 30 meter with casing
Weight 54 g
Size 5.40 x 4.00 x 2.90 cm
Box contents 1 x Original SJCAM M20 2160P Action Camera + Waterproof Case + Base Mount + Long Screw, 1 x Quick Release Buckle + Screw, 2 x Curved Adhesive Mount, 2 x Flat Adhesive Mount, 1 x Short Connector + Short Screw, 1 x Short Connector, 1 x Long Connector + Long Screw, 1 x Backpack Clip Mount Shell, 1 x USB Cable (0.9m Length), 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 2 x SJCAM Sticker, 1 x User Manual


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