Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle: Unboxing and Review

Xiaomi is best known for its excellent consumer hi-tech electronics: smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, cameras or WiFi routers, but this company is increasingly eager to enter other niches like home lighting and kitchen appliances. All these products from Xiaomi have one thing in common: they are smart items that can be controlled online, either by phone or tablet. Meet the new Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle, see its unboxing and find out why it’s worth buying it now.

Xiaomi Kettle – Unboxing

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle unboxing

Inside the package you’ll find cardboard box with Xiaomi Water Kettle, a stand and instructions in Chinese. As you can see, power plug was made in Chinese standard, so in order to use it, you need to get a plug adapter for your electrical outlet. These adapters are available on GearBest or in your local hardware store and you can buy it for just a few dollars.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle outlet

Underneath the kettle is information about the voltage used (standard 220V for EU and China) and a warning not to immerse the base in water. Design of this device resembles other popular electric kettles, so no big surprises here. The cable in the base is about one and a half meters long and is rolled up inside the base, so  it can be shortened if needed. Let’s go over the basic functions and parameters.

Xiaomi Kettle – Main Features

This smart kettle has a capacity of 1.5 liters, so it’s a large kitchen appliance for everyday use. The robust casing is made of white hard plastic. More importantly, the interior is made of 304 type double stainless steel. It has buttons for keeping the water temperature and heating up and will turn off automatically when the boiling point is reached. It is mounted on a swivel base, so you can rotate it 360 degrees.

Triple electric protection against short circuit is particularly important, because it is a device that has contact with water, so additional precautions are always good for safety. In addition to traditional switch, heating can be controlled by an Android or iOS smartphone with Xiaomi app, that enables you to maintain chosen water temperature for up to 12 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle parameters

Xiaomi Kettle – Parameters

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Feature Specs
Interior  Stainless steel
Voltage  220 V
Heating power  1800 W
Water Tank Capacity  1,5 L
Control  Buttons, App
OS  Android, iOS
Weight  1,24 kg
Size  25.00 x 16.00 x 26.00 cm
Package contents  1 x Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle, 1 x Charging Base



Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle protection


  • 1.5 L capacity
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Protection against short circuit
  • Attractive design
  • Precise temperature control by the app

Pros & Cons

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  • Swivel provides easy handling
  • Food grade steel
  • Elegant design makes it look great in both modern and traditional kitchens
  • Good value for money
  • Have you ever seen a smartphone-controlled water kettle?

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  • Available only in white


Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle pros and cons

Design and build quality

This kitchen appliance is made of hard, white plastic with Xiaomi Mi logo engraved on the case. What’s important, the interior is not plastic like in cheap kettles. Hot plastic can dissolve and get into boiling water, which can be harmful for health. Instead, Xiaomi made interior from stainless steel type 304, which is a special alloy of iron, chromium and nickel that won’t bind chlorine with iron in drinking water. For this reason, this kind of steel is commonly used in high quality kitchen appliances because such material is neutral for your health. It also has thermal insulating properties, so water will be hot longer and that positively affects energy efficiency. It’s worth to invest in a good kettle for your health!

Swivel base is another good design choice and it allows you to put it on base at any angle. In addition, the opening angle of the lid is 80 degrees large, which makes it easier to pour the tap water inside.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle review

How to use it?

You can operate this kettle by buttons or app. Boiling can be switched on by hitting buttons located at the handle. The upper button activates a one-stage water heater up to 100 Celsius degrees, while the lower one sets a continuous heating up to approximately 60 degrees.

There is also option to control the temperature through Bluetooth using the Xiaomi app, which can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS devices. So far, the app is available only in Chinese, but it’s not difficult to use.  This app allows you to set one of the preset temperatures – 90 Celsius degrees (coffee icon), 80 degrees (tea icon) and 50 degrees (bottle of milk icon). You can also set temperature precisely in 1 Celsius degree increments. You can set it up to heat water at a specific time and for safety reasons, heating will be automatically turned off after 12 hours of inactivity.

Xiaomi Kettle app


As usual, Xiaomi is at the forefront of new trends and doesn’t disappoint by giving us another super-cool product and proving that even kettle can be controlled via smartphone. This is probably the only kettle available on the market with built-in Bluetooth. Besides smart functions, you can buy it just because it’s made of excellent quality stainless steel with insulation and is currently priced at less than 50 USD with inexpensive delivery worldwide on GearBest. This is much cheaper than comparable kettles from high profile kitchen appliance manufacturers like Electrolux or Siemens. Once again Xiaomi delivers great quality at a low price!

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