Xiaomi R1D WiFi Router: Reliable and Fast WiFi Solution

If you experience any problems with wireless connectivity, like too slow online connection or random disconnects, it’s time to buy new WiFi router. There is no shortage of options to choose from, however one of the most interesting new wireless devices was made by ever-reliable Xiaomi. Xiaomi R1D router is not only faster and more secure than traditional routers, but also acts as a file server for your home network.

Xiaomi Mi R1D WiFi Router Review

R1D gets its performance from high–end hardware:  Broadcom 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor and Micron / Samsung 256MB RAM. This enables to effectively support the latest 802.11ac wireless protocol, which gives it speed up to 1167Mbps – that’s more than 1 Gbps!

Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router review

Its powerful antennas have large gain of 4dBi (for 2.4G) and 5dBi (5G). This helps it to cover a lot of space with good connectivity and enhances signal traverse along floors and through walls. If you are setting your local network in large house, you won’t need any repeaters or WiFi amplifiers – just this one router will be sufficient for good coverage.

Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router features

Another cool feature is 1TB internal hard drive that can be setup as a file server and every device connected to your wireless network can read its contents. This is especially useful for TV Boxes, smart TVs or even small home office where you can share multimedia and documents to every device. Access to server and router settings are configured through dedicated Xiaomi WiFi app which is very easy to use and you don’t need to be a network geek to set it up. Several layers of internet security, both hardware and software are available in this router, so not only it’s fast and reliable, but also helps to get rid of unwanted intruders, viruses and malware.

Xiaomi Mi R1D AC WiFi Router connectivity

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Feature Specs
Maximum connection speed 1167 Mbps
WiFi protocols supported IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Security protocols supported WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK
CPU CPU Cortex-A9 1GHz
RAM 256 MB
Interface LAN, USB 2.0, NFC
Signal gain 2.4G: 4dBi, 5G: 6dBi
Hard drive capacity 1 TB
LAN 2 ports
App Available for iOS, Android
Weight 0.55 kg
Size 16.80 x 12.00 x 6.40 cm
Box contents 1 x Xiaomi Router, 1 x Power Supply, 1 x 1 TB HDD


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