MinSu TR2015 Vacuum Cleaner: Premium Features for Less than $100

If you’ve always wanted to buy robotic vacuum cleaner, but didn’t fancy buying expensive devices like Roomba robots, now is your chance. Priced at less than $100 – depending on current promotion on GearBest, this is one of the most affordable smart vacuum that you can buy and yet, it retains most of the premium features that you can find in costly robots. Let’s take a look how MinSu TR2015 can help you maintain a cleaner home (and won’t ruin your budget).

MinSu TR2015 Features

This smart cleaning machine will sweep the floors efficiently and can even climb slopes up to 15 degrees. Thanks to IR and mechanicals sensors it will avoid furniture and pick the best to route to clean the floor. To start it, choose one of four work modes on the remote controller and turn it on. Besides emptying dust bin, you don’t need to do any other maintenance, because it will charge battery by itself by returning to the base charger when needed.

MinSu TR2015 review

In addition to its sweep function it can also mop floor, thanks to a water tank. This device is also much quieter than typical vacuum, with low noise of 50 dB. Strong 800 Pa suction is very efficient in cleaning any type of floor – hardwood, carpet, marble floor, so use it wherever you want: in living room, kitchen, bathroom.  Slim body allows it to go underneath beds and sofas, so it can easily clean places hard to reach for standard vacuum cleaner.

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Feature Specs
Suction power 800 Pa
Noise 50 dB
Climb Capability 15 degree
Cleaning modes Auto cleaning / spot cleaning / border cleaning / schedule cleaning
Battery Capacity 2000 mAh
Weight 2,5 kg
Height 7,8 cm
Additional functions Mopping


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  • Thanks to water tank can be used as a mop
  • Slim and good looking
  • Very quiet, can be used at night
  • Best price to quality ratio

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  • No fall sensor, so be careful when using it near ledges


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