Excelvan CL720D LED Projector: Real Cinematic Experience

This affordable LED projector is perfect solution for your business and entertainment needs and especially – for watching movies on big screen. Excelvan is known for its quality and affordable projectors and Excelvan CL720D LED Projector is no exception. Read our review and see why you gotta have this powerful video device.

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Excelvan CL720D Features

Display quality is one of most important specs of the projector and with 1280 x 800 pixels images will be displayed in High Definition. It might seem not too much for you, especially comparing to 4K TVs but it’s much better resolution than you will find in any other typical projector in this price segment and it allows enjoyable movie experience, especially when you watch it on bigger screen. And that’s not all: picture displayed is bright and vivid, thanks to powerful lamp with 3000 lumens brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio. You can display on screen as large as 200 inches. This is a real movie experience and no TV can beat this.

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CL720D sports large number of ports and connection options so you can connect it to almost any device. Take a look at the photo above: it has 2 HDMI inputs, standard AV connector, Y/Pb/Pr ports, VGA port for computers and even USB ports, so you can play your video or presentation straight from memory stick or external USB drive. It’s very easy to use: just plug in your DVD player, game console, computer, tablet or even cable TV and play your content. You don’t need to plug any additional audio devices: two 5W stereo speakers provides good quality sound and several sound presets are available in projector settings. Real cinematic experience in your home for less than $150 on GearBest with free shipping worldwide!

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Excelvan CL720D Specs

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Feature Specs
Native Resolution 1280 x 800 px
Brightness 3000 Lumens
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Throw Ratio 72inch – 2.08m, 84inch – 2.37m, 100inch – 3m, 120inch – 3.38m
Image Scale 16:9, 4:3
Additional Functions 3D, DVB-T, Speaker
Lamp Power 150 W
Speaker Built-in (5W x 2)
Trapezoid Adjustment 20′
Lamp Durability 50 000 hours
Add-ons included: Remote Controller,  Adapter, AV Cable, VGA Cable


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