Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Review: Smart, Reliable & Affordable Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaner had been in the market at least a decade and due to its sky-high price, most of us will never thought of owning one. There are numerous brands out there such as IRobot, Samsung, LG and etc. which will cost us a fortune in order to own a robot vacuum. Struggle no more, as Xiaomi latest MI robot vacuum will be your best bet that strike between performance and affordability.


Design wise for Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum more to “Apple” as it only come with white colour for now. It is equipped with 3 wheels underneath it, single caster wheel and two large rubber wheel s at the back to support its movement.
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Design

On the other hand, Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum’s dust bin able to store a volume of dirt up to 420ml (14oz). This might be slightly smaller compare to other competitor but Xiaomi design the dirt bin in such a way that it is easy to access and simply the process of empty the dirt. A simple and gentle touch on top of the bin sensor, it can let you easily to remove the dirt bin out of Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum.
Mi Robot Vacuum design


Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum is made of ABS materials which only weight around 3.8kg. Xiaomi claims that their robot vacuum has a longer battery lifespan and high power of suction compare to other competitor’s robot vacuum. Xiaomi MI robot vacuum comes with a 5200mah lithium ion battery which claim by Xiaomi that able to last up to two and half hours of cleaning. It will also return to its base charging station when its power is less than 20%. In any case, it need to recharge during cleaning, it will charge until 80% and get back to its unfinished cleaning area. This impressive feature beats numerous robotic vacuums in the market.
Mi Robot Vacuum Battery

Another impressive feature that Xiaomi provide to users is the ability to control their robot vacuum through their smartphone with the app of MI Home (MIJIA) which available on iOS app store and Google Play Store.
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum APP control

Users can easy to switch between Quiet, Standard and Strong mode for their MI Robot Vacuum. For most of the case, standard mode works like a charm for most of us as it still produce impressive cleaning results with its ultra-quiet and powerful Nidec brushless motor.
Mi Robot Vacuum motor

The most impressive feature which Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum that consider on par or even outperform many other higher end robot vacuum in market is Xiaomi’s latest algorithm of movement (SLAM). Thanks to this algorithm, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), able to effectively cleaning your house by mapping the floor plan of your house and decide on the most efficient path to finish its task. It also equipped with 12 different sensors which includes wall sensor that prevent it 10mm from the wall and also ultrasonic sensor which to prevent it from hitting objects.
Mi Robot Vacuum Rightway

Xiaomi also claimed that the Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum can be scheduled to clean your house through MIJIA app which is another fancy and yet convenient feature that suit our busy life style.


Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum is currently on GearBest flash sale which just at $329.99. This is a very good bargain considering with this price which is very affordable compare to other big brands out there in the market.

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