Guide to Buying Tablets in Chinese Online Stores

If you want to buy tablet, there’s no better place than Chinese online shops and shopping portals. Most tablets are manufactured in China, so why buy from a third party, when you can buy directly from the source and get it with free shipping worldwide? Here’s our guide to buying tablets from GearBest. In the first part, we’ll show you the most important parameters and tablet features and later you’ll find reviews of currently available promotions.

Display: Because Size Matters

teclast tablet

Teclast X5 Pro tablet. Teclast tablets are known for their large IPS screens, capable of displaying bright and vivid images in Ultra HD

Basic and most important tablet feature is its screen size, because it ultimately determines the usefulness and purpose of the device. Just like with TVs and smartphones, display size is measured as the length of the opposite inner corners of the screen and is typically between 7 and 11 inches. The smaller 7-inch tablets are convenient to carry, mobile and are usually lightweight, but also have one additional advantage: smaller screen generally means a longer battery life, because it’s the display that draws most of the power from battery. Small screen, however, isn’t well suited to more complex tasks, and such device would be inconvenient as a work tool or multimedia tablet. In this case, it’s better to choose a bigger tablet, which will give you better work experience, easier social media usage and more accessible web browsing. Middle-screen sized tablets provide a convenient compromise between mobility and general capabilities.

In addition to size, display quality is also important. Currently, most tablets have a screen resolution in range of 1024 x 600 to 2048 x 1536 pixels, and the more, the better the movie and image quality will be. Choose a higher resolution display, if you care about good graphics. Remember that similarly to screen size, greater pixels quantity will draw more power from battery and that means shorter time between charging.

Other features are GPU (graphical processor) clock speed, and type of touch sensors that affect sensitivity of controls. These important traits are often not specified in the product description, but you can find it on manufacturers website or in our reviews, unboxings and tests posted here, on TechBao.

Performance: Speed is Everything

xiaomi tablets

Xiaomi tablets are known for their reliability and great processing speed. This Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 has 4GB RAM and offers fast and stable performance even in multitasking

Naturally, good tablet must be fast enough, so it will be comfortable and enjoyable whether you are working on it or using it for entertainment. Main component responsible for performance, fluid user interface and ability to multitask many apps is processor. Most important CPU feature is the number of cores (typically 4 to 10, labeled as “quadcore” to “decacore”) and the clock frequency. The higher these parameters are, the faster and smoother your apps will run. In addition, speed is also affected by the operating system. Most recent versions of Android (6.0 and 7.0) are more stable and memory efficient, because they have better optimization options. The last significant factor is the amount of RAM designated in GB. As with the processor, the greater the amount of RAM, the more comfortable and stable user experience you can expect, especially in multitasking.

If you’re going to use the tablet to simple tasks only, such as casual website browsing or use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, a simpler and cheaper model is more than enough. But if you are going to play new games and do a lot of work, we recommend stronger hardware. In this  situation, it’s better to buy more expensive device, than to be frustrated later by poor performance.

Additional Features and Price: Most Expensive Doesn’t Mean the Best

Cube iwork1x 2

Cube iwork1x 2 is an example of a multi-functional tablet with lots of unusual features and 2 operating systems

There are quite a few additional parameters to consider when buying tablet. Large internal memory capacity will allow you to put a lot of content into your tablet: movies, images, music or documents. Every modern tablet have a memory card slot, so if needed, storage can be expanded. And if you will be using device at work, choose tablet with Windows 10 or even with two operating systems that can be switched during reboot. Latest iteration of Windows is optimized for mobile devices and choosing this OS will allow you to install a much larger array of apps than on standard Android.

Some tablets also come with a detachable keyboard, which is always useful feature to have. Others may have better cameras or good speakers. It is worth considering these additional features, especially if you want to use it for multimedia applications such as watching movies or playing games.

So what device should you choose? Start with specifying your needs and purpose for tablet and pick parameters that will suit you best. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good, especially that there are many online shops from China with awesome prices for electronics.

Where to buy tablets?

GearBest tablets

GearBest is always good destination to start your search for affordable tablets, laptops or smartphones. Check their Monster Tablet Sale to buy high-end devices such as Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop for $659 or 10-inch Teclast TBook for just $149. GearBest also allows for many payment methods, including Paypal and has professional customer service. Also, don’t forget that we have exclusive tablet coupons for GearBest, that you can use freely.

Do you have good or maybe bad experience with buying tablet from Chinese online shop? We’d be interested in your story, so tell us in comments!

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