5 Top Powerbanks To Keep Your Gadgets Going

Just a few years ago, the only personal electronic device that we kept in our pocket or bag was mobile phone and maybe mp3 player or discman, because there weren’t any other useful portable gadgets. But now everybody has smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, smartwatch or other arguably useful electronic gizmos, like newest Xiaomi smart shoes. All this stuff needs power supply so you can watch movies, listen to music, accurately track your calories burned or send funny cat pictures to your friends through Facebook. But what to do when you suddenly have no access to power, or when you are outdoors and there are no electrical outlet in the woods? The answer is: powerbank. These large portable batteries can charge any mobile device and often holds few times more energy than typical smartphone cell. Read our review of top powerbanks available in Chinese online stores and pick one that suits you best.

Why do you need Powerbank?

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  • Powerbanks are indispensable when you are on vacation and don’t have access to electricity. If you are on outdoors trip, camping in the woods or there is power outage in your neighborhood, just plug it into your phone and presto, it works. With high capacity of Li-Po batteries used in modern banks, you can get energy sufficient to fully charge your phone and tablet.
  • Powerbanks can power a lot of different devices, charged through USB slot or other port (depending on slots available). You can power not only phone and tablet, but also cameras, GPS trackers, wearable gadgets and everything else that can be powered through Mini, Micro or J10 USB.


We need moar power!

Top Powerbanks from Chinese online stores

AUKEY 20000mAh Powerbank

AUKEY 20000mAh Powerbank

Aukey brand might be not as well known as Xiaomi or Huawei, but it is leading Chinese powerbank manufacturer, so you can be sure, that their flagship product will be a reliable energy source. This powerful battery with 20 000 mAh capacity has double USB slots to charge two devices at the same time.

Charging is controlled through Qualcomm chipset, so it is quick, and depending on battery, you can fully charge your phone as fast as 30-40 minutes to 90%. Wall charger used is 34,5W quick charger, so the device is charging itself fast too. Max current output is 2.4A, so it can be used to charge even large 10-11 inches tablet without any problems. Battery level is indicated through colorful LEDs, giving you feedback on whether the device is fully charged (white), holds 30-70% power (green) or less than 30% (red).

Adaptive charger turns charging off, when device has been powered 100% and that helps to maintain healthy battery and also prevents overheating that can cause malfunction. English user manual is included, which is always a good thing. Highly recommended as proven and reliable energy source.

Romoss Sense 6

Romoss Sense 6

This powerbank is not only powerful, with 20 000 mAh battery capacity, but is also well designed and has LED display. Two USB outputs allow you to charge two devices at once without any interruption, thanks to smart chip that controls it. Manufacturer claims that iPhone 5s can be charged even 10 times from fully loaded Sense 6, and with such large battery capacity, this is no empty boast. It has max power output of 2,1A, which provides quick charging for any device.

It also uses technology of “fit charging” that adjusts output electricity automatically, depending on actual needs of powered device and turns itself off right after fully charging plugged device. Cover is made from alloy and plastic, is resistant to environment (though it’s not waterproof) and is fire retardant, so you can take it with you to any field trip. Buy it, if you are interested in durable power bank with digital display.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10000mAh

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10000mAh

Obviously, our list can’t miss Xiaomi product, and their 10 000 mAh powerbank is no exception when it comes to quality, design and capabilities. Though it is not as powerful in terms of capacity as previously reviewed devices, it has other nice features, especially design wise. Its power allows you to fully charge 2,4 times Xiaomi Mi 5 or 3,7 times iPhone 6. It also is sufficient to power up 40,5 hours of work of Xiaomi Mi Fan. Unusual function that you won’t find in other powerbanks is “low power charging”. This allows you to set low power output for devices with tiny batteries like Bluetooth headsets and smartwatches. This in turns protects from overcharging and prolongs battery life. Other protection measures includes short circuit protection, protection from output overcurrent and high temperature resistance.

As you would expect from this brand, it has exceptional design. It has CNC finished edges made from anodized aluminum which looks and feels premium, similar to their flagship smartphones. It’s also very slick and slim, with just 1,4 cm thickness, so it is just slightly larger than typical 5-inch phone.

Purchase Power Bank 2 if you expect quality and don’t want to experiment with less known brands (or if you just are Xiaomi fanboy or fangirl). Xiaomi claims that they are sold 55 million of their powerbanks in last 3 years, so all those customers can’t be wrong!

FERISING Power Bank 20000 mAh

FERISING Power Bank 20000 mAh

Power Bank by FERISING is another high capacity, 20 000 mAh battery, available for just about $25 with free shipping worldwide. It has even more USB slots than previously reviewed devices, and one of those three ports is dedicated to quick charging, with QC 3.0 enabled. Its power capacity allows you to charge 7 times iPhone or 3 times  iPad Mini. It has 12 different protection features, so you can be assured that whatever you plug into this powerbank, will be safely powered up. This includes short circuit protection, protection against backflow and smart output recognition, among others.

Case looks very nice, with 2,5D surface design and 3 cover colors to choose from: white, blue and grey. There are five LEDs that indicates charge level, so you always know when you are running out of juice. Manual is included, though it’s only in Chinese. It doesn’t look as solid and premium as Xiaomi Powerbank, but it certainly is inexpensive and performs its designated role very well.

Toproad Solar Charger Power Bank 12 000 mAh

Toproad Solar Charger Power Bank 12 000 mAh

If you are crazy about eco gadgets, you need to try this one. This is 12 000 mAh powerbank that can be charged by sunlight. You can use it like standard powerbank, but if you run out of energy, you can switch it on to solar charging. This is called “trickle charging”, because usually current available from solar cell isn’t sufficient enough to quickly recharge your phone to 100%, especially in cloudy weather, however it allows you to collect enough power to make emergency call or use device a little bit longer. There are 2 power outlets: 2A for devices with larger batteries, like smartphone and tablets and 1A, for smaller gadgets, like wearables. English manual is included, so you won’t have any problems using it. Smart gadget for those who care about our environment.

Do you have any questions or insights regarding powerbanks from Chinese online stores? We are interested in hearing your opinion, so let us know in comments below!

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