First Look at Vkworld Mix+ 4G Phablet

When mentioned bezel-less smartphone, you might first think of Xiaomi Mi Mix. However, Mi Mix is not easy to get since it is in limited quantities and also the Xiaomi’s most expensive so far. But now, you will have an alternative to Mi Mix. Vkworld Mix+ which claims to be the most affordable frameless smartphone is coming soon.


The most outstanding feature of Vkworld Mix+ is its 5.5-inch Arc screen which is surrounded by bezels measuring only 0.8mm thin, giving it a screen-to-body ratio of 88%. According to the official leaks, Deep Gray and Purplish Blue are two main color variants of the Vkworld Mix+. They will be featured in both the device’s front and back covers. Moreover, the front and back cover of the Mix+ will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass with reflective mirror finish.
vkworld mix+ from GearBest
vkworld mix+ from GearBest


In terms of hardware configuration, Vkworld Mix+ will come with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory (32GB external memory), AAC deep-bass amplifier, and noise cancellation. Vkworld Mix+ has a 8 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera. Unlike most of the smartphones that are equipped with dual rear camera today, the Mix+ has only one rear camera but can offer the same features that a dual set can, including the after focus and bokeh features.

Mix+ front camera

Mix+ rear camera

Mix+ Benchmark Scores: Antutu and Geekbench 3

In order to better understand the performance of Mix+, now let’s take a look at some benchmark scores of Mix+.

The first test was Antutu benchmark test. It scored 29,054 points on the Antutu benchmark.

Vkworld Mix+ Antutu test

The second test was Geekbench 3. The Mix+ scored 579 points on Single-core test and 1,671 points on Multi-core test.
vkworld mix+ geekbench test


The pricing of Vkworld Mix+ is still a secret so far. But according to the official slogan of the Mix+, it may be the world’s cheapest fullscreen smartphone. Moreover, it will be available for pre-order on GearBest in this month and the pre-order price will be even lower than the final launch price!

Vkworld Mix+ Pre-order

Vkworld Mix+ Coupons

As other new arrivals, GearBest will offer coupons for Mix+ once the product released. Just stay tuned with us we will surely update you with more news and coupons about the Vkworld Mix+.

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