Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version: enjoy music in a simple way

Xiaomi’s product won’t disappoint you as usual, so the Xiaomi headphones relaxed version does. It has a great design, intuitive controls, and a lot more other features. You can get both nice look and quality as 700 kinds of tests prove its reliability.

Features of Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version

The Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version are made of high-quality plastic that makes it look premium. The soft cushion on the inner side looks and feels great.
There is a button on the right headphone for music playing, song switching, and call answering, which is nice and tactile. It’s easy to operate just by a light touching. The headphones are design in the light color which looks young and nice. But white version is the most common and popular one. In terms of performance, the sound quality of this headphones is very good, balanced and clear.

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