Convoy S2+ Flashlight: built quality at affordable price

Convoy S2+ LED flashlight is a popular LED flashlight because of its good price, solid quality, and reliable performance. It is perfect for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, car emergency, etc.

Features of Convoy S2+ LED flashlight

Convoy S2+ is one of the most popular models of Convoy flashlights. It looks simple and compact. It’s running on 18650 battery and will deliver around 1000 lumens up to 200 meters. Constant current circuit ensures constant output, supporting ultra-long run time up to 150 hours. Moreover, it also has mode memory function, low voltage protection and battery reverse protection function. At an ultra-low price, this flashlight is considered as a powerful and cost-effective LED torch and used for many outdoor applications.
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The Convoy S2+ has two group of mode operation. One is with special mode like strobe and SOS, while one is without.
Group 1 ( 3 modes ): low ( 5 percent ), mid ( 40 percent ), high ( 100 percent )
Group 2 ( 5 modes ): low ( 5 percent ), mid ( 40 percent ), high ( 100 percent ), strobe, SOS

To operate the mode, just choosing the low mode, turning off the flashlight in about 5 seconds. When see the flashlight blink, then turn on it, you can switch it to 3 modes group or 5 modes group.

Convoy S2+ Flashlight Pricing

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