Lumintop EDC21: USB Rechargeable Flashlight

EDC21 is the most universal, practical, and essential USB Rechargeable Flashlight you may ever own. You will be marveled at its compact size, excellent high reliability and durability and exquisite workmanship. All these make it become your best choice to add to a flashlight collection or to give as gift or to serve as your reliable companion at any time.

Lumintop EDC21 Features

Lumintop EDC21 comes with lanyard holster and USB charging cable. It is a perfect portable rechargeable LED flashlight which supports USB charging and discharging so you can use it as an emergency power bank. The extraordinary high strength aerospace aluminum alloy “unibody” construction with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish provides excellent cooling performance to ensure the best heat dissipation and makes EDC21 lightweight and sturdy. With the integration of ergonomic streamline designed body, coordinating aluminum front switch, and square knurling body design for a comfortable grip, it is perfectly fit the body and provides one-handed operation and easy access to all function. Meanwhile, the integrated USB port is water, dust and impact resistant.

No matter you are looking for a flashlight as gift or to serve as your reliable companion at any time, the EDC21 might be your perfect choice. With the compact size, excellent high reliability & durability and exquisite workmanship, but affordable price, it’s always the most universal, practical, and essential product you may ever own.
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Lumintop EDC21 Pricing

Lumintop EDC21 flashlight is a perfect USB rechargeable flashlight at an affordable price. You can find it on GearBest, and sometimes it is sold on with a big discount due to flash sale. With GearBest coupons, you can also save more on this item.

Lumintop EDC21 Coupons by GearBest

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