Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch: a Tasteful Minimalism

Huawei is one of the best known electronics manufacturer in China, highly popular for its excellent smartphones, tablets and wearables. Honor product line consists of high-end devices with a modern design, created for those who care about style. Huawei Honor Zero smartwatch, sold also in some countries under the name of Huawei Band B0, fits greatly in this line. This neat gadget has a lot of interesting multimedia features, is built on solid and waterproof components and has a very elegant design, compared by the manufacturer to the “Nordic style”. And all of this is available at an attractive price, much cheaper than comparable smartwatches made by western brands. Read our overview and see unboxing of Huawei Honor Zero.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch – Unboxing

Typically for GearBest, the shipment arrived quickly  – within two weeks, and entire box is well packed. Cardboard box is thick and inside we will find a box with smartwatch and a protective bubble wrap which ensures that our product will survive long trip from China in perfect condition.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

GearBest shipment arrived quickly and no duty was charged.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

This package also includes a mysterious yellow sticker on top. it only means that the item has been shipped from outside European Union and no additional formalities are required on our part.

After opening the box and removing bubble wrap, we will see small elegant blue box. As it turned out, there is another box inside, which contains our smartwatch.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

Huawei Honor Zero elegant packaging

Inside you will find a watch, a charger and a Chinese manual. This is a version with a black strap – there are also variants in beige and white.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

Smartwatch box contents. Watch on the far right – flower for scale.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

The manual and quick start booklet. Manual is unfortunately only in Chinese – but that is not a big deal. As we found out, using the smartwatch is very easy and straightforward. POGO PIN magnet charger can be connected via USB to a computer or to socket of a standard mobile phone charger.

So, since we’ve already unpacked all the components, lets overview features and capabilities of this device.


This sleek smartwatch is equipped with a touch-sensitive PMOLED screen and it can be controlled by touch, wrist gestures and a dedicated Bluetooth Huawei Wear app, available for Android and iOS. The screen is monochrome and has strong contrast, so images look sharp even in direct sunlight. Interface icons are animated and change very smoothly which looks nice. Among the many features that you’ll find in this watch, we can highlight incoming call notifications, text messages and app notifications and fitness functions such as the pedometer and the calorie counter. The icing on the cake is elegant design and waterproof capability with IP68 certification – you don’t have to worry that it will break when you wash hands or even swim with it (just don’t deep dive!). Let’s see what parameters this smartwatch features.


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Feature Parameters
Brightness 30-1000 lumens
Sensors Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Calorie counter
Strap Synthetic TPU
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1.
Main screens 8 different watch dials
Languages English, Chinese
OS Android, iOS
Waterproofing IP68 Certificate
Battery time Up to 15 days on 1 charging
Battery capacity 70 mAh
Weight 25 grams
Box contents 1 x Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch, 1 x Chinese Manual, 1 x Charger





  • Monochrome PMOLED screen with touch screen
  • App notifications and text messages from your phone via Bluetooth
  • Health and fitness functions
  • IP68 certificate
  • Pogo Pin Charger

Pros and cons

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  • Elegant and good quality design
  • Many phone features via Bluetooth
  • Waterproof
  • Quick charging and the battery can withstand up to 15 days – longer than standard smartwatches

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  • Monochrome screen – can display only 2 colors
  • No multi-language interface: only Chinese and English available



Design and quality

Devices from the Honor series are made from high quality materials and have a great design. Huawei describes design of this watch as “Nordic”, and this means that it is minimalist and tasteful in style – there are no unnecessary frills. Three straps are available to choose: black, beige and white. Straps are made of soft material and are pleasant to the touch, but it’s not a real leather but a kind of high quality plastic. The case is made from medical steel, which means that it’s stainless and also has no additives that are allergenic, which is especially important because you will wear the watch on your hand whole day, and even at night, if you will be using sleep monitor feature.

Overall, this is a great addition to any outfit and can be worn either as a casual accessory on a daily basis or as a business attire accessory. Conservative choice of colors make it an unisex watch and can be worn by women and men.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

Strasp are available in three colors.


This device is called smartwatch, because it has many smart features, useful in various situations. Its main capabilities include:

Phone notifications are a useful feature for busy people. When connected via Bluetooth, the watch screen will display all notifications: text messages, new Tweets on your Twitter, notifications from various app. You no longer have to dig in your phone to read them.

The sensors will read the steps taken daily, sleep time and number of calories burned. Thanks to the pedometer, the watch can count the steps you’ll do during the day and the sleep monitor will tell you, how much time you’ve slept during last 24 hours. There is also a classic stopwatch, perfect for runners. There are quite a few health and sports functions, so you can recommend this smartwatch to active people.

The last function is an alarm, vibrating at a specific time, or if you set the function of “protection from sedentary lifestyle” it will detect when you are sitting too long in front of your computer and will alert you, that it is time to get up and take a break. Useful!

The manufacturer also claims that you have 4 dial screens to choose from, but this is not true. In fact there are many more (we counted 8), so everyone will find something that will suit his style. You can make the selection from the watch interface and pick classic clock hands like in old watches, electronic display with date or even more fancy screen interfaces.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

An example of an interesting dial for girls with flower.  As you can see, you don’t have to limit yourself to boring watch dials!

Connection with smartphone

And how to change advanced settings and connect Huawei Honor Zero with the phone? It’s very easy: you just need to download and install dedicated Huawei Wear application on your smartphone, which will automagically connect those two devices. There are versions for Android and iOS and its interface is multi-language.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

The interface of the Huawei Wear application seen on the smartphone.

As you can see, it collects information about steps, burned calories and distance traveled. For more advanced options, you can install Huawei Health app, that will also allow you to share your results in social media. From the app level you can also make advanced changes to the watch’s settings and update watch software to newest version.

You  can check the current version of the software and update it from the application.

Using this app is very easy and as we mentioned earlier its interface is entirely in English or available in many other languages that you can set.

Battery and charging

Huawei Honor Zero watch is powered by a 70 mAh battery, which is very small compared to the capacities found on mobile phones and tablets, but it is enough to work with a smartwatch. According to the manufacturer, the watch can operate up to 15 days on a single charge, and in practice it may be a little less, especially when you use it intensely, for example as a pedometer while doing excercises and when receiving many messages and notifications from the phone.

Charging itself is very fast and hasslefree. The supplied POGO PIN charger has a magnet that easily attaches to the watch. You don’t have to plug in any plugs, because Huawei Honor Zero does not have any USB sockets – just put it on the charger and it will start charging. Because the battery has less capacity than the phone, you can also expect fast charging. An hour and a half is enough to recharge it to 100%.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

Rear side – on the right you can see  four PINs for hasslefree  charging.

Where to buy?

Huawei Honor Zero SmartWatch (also known as Honor Band B0) is available at GearBest at a promotional price. See the product page to check delivery options and buy it with free delivery worldwide.

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