Spray juice directly from a citrus fruit

Sometimes, you may find that just a dash of citrus / lemon juice does wonders to elevate the flavours in a dish, such as garnish a salad, accent a piece of fish, or flavor a glass of ice water. However, you may hate the hassle of having to cut open a whole lemon or citrus that either blasts citric acid in your eye or sprinkles seeds in your food. Is there any better container or perhaps even some kinds of sprayers for spraying citrus or lemon juice over food evenly? YES! That’s the Smart Fruit Sprayer.

The smart fruit juice sprayer is an innovated kitchen helper to easily add fruit juice flavor to marinades, cooked meat, seafood, etc. A set of the sprayers includes both a large and small sprayer as well as a plastic tray for keeping your round fruit in one place while you’re not holding it. The sprayer is made of ABS plastic, very easy to use and clean. It’s green color which looks as the leaves of the citrus fruits.

As mentioned above, the juice sprayer is very easy to use. First, you need to cut the top of the citrus fruit. Then insert the sprayer directly into the fruit. Your fruit sprayer is done! You can easily pump the nozzle to evenly spritz your favorite foods with fresh citrus juice. It is better to just squeeze the lemons and limes. You will probably get like 15 to 20 sprays of juice, then its out.
[wpsm_video width=”790″ height=”444″]https://youtu.be/6Z8MqT1UgqM[/wpsm_video]

After using, unscrew the bottom of the unit and clean the parts. It’s also a very simple step. Additionally, the citrus sprayer is dishwasher safe, however, it is important to wash it thoroughly to remove all pulp from both the filter and sprayer as this could impair proper functioning of the citrus sprayer.

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