Keep You Wine Safe with the Wine Bottle Lock

To a wine lover, there’s nothing more precious than a beautifully matured vintage wine or a bottle of good Whiskey. However, when you want to open a bottle of your favorite wine, you may probably find out that it’s already half-empty or even gone. That’s really unacceptable! Don’t worry, with the wine bottle lock introduced in this post, you would never worry about this situation.

Wine bottle lock is a cool and useful gadget to fit most wine and liquor bottles. Whether your problem is thirsty friends or you’re just trying to keep your kids from drinking, it’s perfect for you to keep your most valued wines and spirits safe from them. The wine bottle lock features a simple design. It can be used as a preservation device, avoiding wine leaking. It can also as a combination lock, which secures your wine at home, restaurant or other places. The wine bottle lock would only unlock until the three digit combination is entered. You just need to enter your password, and press the button, it will open.

Password setting is very easy. When you receive the new item, remember, the default password is 000. Turn over the bottle top, you may see that there is a white button. Push up the white button, reset the password, then push back the white button. Once your password setting done, it’s the unique password you need to remember.

The wine bottle combination lock not only reseals open wine bottles to help keep them fresh, it also protects your wine from thirsty thieves. It’s affordable and smart that is also a perfect gift for your wine lover friend.

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