Inverted Umbrella: keeps the wet surface away from you

Umbrellas shield people from the rain, but the current design is far from perfect. This monsoon season, it’s time innovate it! With the inverted umbrella, you can easily make car or door exits / entries hassle-free during the monsoon or rainy season, and keep the wet surface away from you.

[wpsm_video width=”790″ height=”444″][/wpsm_video]

One of the big difference between inverted umbrella and regular umbrella is that the mechanism of inverted umbrella allows it to be opened and closed in reverse (inward folding), leaving the dry side on the outside. This innovated design addresses many challenges we faced in using regular umbrellas. It not only protects you from getting wet specially when you are alighting or getting into your car, but also avoids spilling water all over the floor. What’s more, made of double-layer canopy, it allows to withstand powerful wind speed or strong-enough gust, avoiding damage from strong winds.

Another innovated design of the inverted umbrella is its C-shaped comfortable handle. Unlike the J-shaped handle of the regular umbrellas, the C-shaped handle may leave your hands free for holding a baby or using a mobile if needed.

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