Novelty Money Gun: squeeze the trigger, make it Rain!

Even if you have a lot money and want to throw them around in your bachelorette party, it’s still hard to make it rain with your hands. What better way to make this happen than with the Money sh Gun in this case.

Money gun, also called cash cannon money gun, is the one of the most unique novelty item on the market today. Available to load up with 50~100 pieces of cash, or monopoly money at a time, it will make it rain for you with the pull of a trigger.

You’re going to surprise everyone at the site with this brilliant idea. It’s perfect for bachelor / bachelorette parties, birthdays party or even strip clubs. Moreover, it can also be used to distribute promotional items, such as flyers or coupons. Thus, it’s perfect for corporate events, sporting event, or some marketing event like dishing out coupons.

If you are looking for a unique novelty item to make you become focus in the party, I will definitely recommend you the Money Gun! This interesting gun-shaped money shooter may really be a can’t-miss product for you.

Main Features:

  • Put some fake banknotes inside and pull the trigger to send them flying
  • Impressive way to improve the atmosphere for all kinds of parties and events
  • Comes with a stack of fake money for practice, also works with flyers and coupons
  • Powered by non-rechargeable 9V battery ( built-in ), it can offer hours of fun

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