Penguin & Polar Bear Creative Ice Molds

Don’t you just love an ice-cold drink? Especially after being outside in the hot, summer sun. There’s nothing like a freezing cold drink when you’re parched. Thanks to some creative and inventive geniuses, you can now make adorable animal creative ice molds to put in your drinks. Why settle for the same ole’ boring ice cubes floating in your drink when you can have penguins or a polar bear standing on top of an iceberg ice cube?
When you’re seeking some quality family time and a do-it-yourself project in the kitchen with the kiddos, then these animal ice molds are the way to go. These silicone, safe molds allow you to create polar bear and penguin shaped ice cubes. Simply add water to the molds and let them freeze. When you’re ready to put them in a glass, simply pop them out and watch the penguins and polar bear stand on top of the ice. Well, until they melt, that is.

The silicone material allows these molds to be safe and durable. They’re convenient, practical, and you can use them at home or in a restaurant. They certainly make for great conversation, whether you’re entertaining guests at your home or serving fresh, cold drinks at your establishment.

You can also consider using these molds to make creative animals out of chocolate, candy, or frozen yogurt. Kids will absolutely love working with these animal molds.

Top Features:

  • Come with two molds: Penguins and a Polar Bear
  • Promotes family time
  • Non-toxic
  • You may use them in the microwave
  • Makes a unique gift

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