Portable Foot Hammock: resting your feet at office

The Portable Foot Hammock is your solution to poor posture, whether you’re at work in the office or at home in your den. Or, if you’re short in stature, you no longer have to worry about your feet dangling above the floor as you sit, as you know how uncomfortable that can be.

If you think about it, many people spend more time at work than they do at home. Much of the time at work, they’re sitting at a desk with an uncomfortable chair and by the time they get home, their whole body hurts.

Unique hammock design

Chances are you like to put your feet up and rest. Good news is that with the portable foot hammock, you can do this anytime. This is a unique hammock design that allows you to prop your feet up when you’re sitting at a desk or table. You simply hook the portable hammock on each side of your desk with the included clips and you’re good to go!

Adjustable straps

It’s quite easy to set up and gives you strong support for your feet. The straps are adjustable, so you have the choice of letting your feet rest close to the ground or further above if you would rather be in the reclining position.

Machine washable

If posture has been an issue for you in the past, the portable foot hammock is your solution to improving your posture. Worried about it getting dirty or smelly? No problem. The hammock is machine washable too, so you can easily remove it and wash it whenever you want.
Use at any table or desk

You can also use the foot hammock while you’re sitting at any table. Perhaps you have long business meetings or dinner discussions at the family dinner table. Simply strap the foot hammock to the table and you can rest your feet comfortably and feel more relaxed.

It’s time to relax comfortably a whole lot more, especially at work. The portable foot hammock is quite easy to install too. Say goodbye to extra chairs for your feet prop and hello to your portable foot hammock!

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