KELIMA UM018G Portable 1080P Full HD WiFi Digital Microscope

High tech digital microscopes have hit the shelves, packing a powerful HD image quality punch. When you need a microscope that utilizes a digital camera and optics so that you can see your images clearly on a monitor, then the KELIMA UM018G Digital Microscope is for you.
This high-quality digital microscope is different than the traditional microscope in that you don’t look through the lens to see the magnified object. Instead, you view your object on your computer monitor. With its own built-in LED light source, you’re able to see the image much clearer than if you were using a traditional microscope.

Utilizing a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to magnify your objects up to 200x. The focal distance will be between 0 mm to 50 mm. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking, with six adjustable LEDs available.

Additionally, this digital microscope comes with high-quality 1080 pixels video and a snapshot that ranges up to 12m.

When you are in need of super-crisp HD image quality, this is the digital microscope for you. You may also capture video and photo via this microscope.

Let this high-tech microscope “wow” you as you inspect rocks, plants, food particles, dead insects, skin, stamps, and more with KELIMA UM018G.

Top Features:

  • 1080P high quality video
  • Magifies 10x – 220x
  • 6 LEDs with adjustable brightness
  • User-friendly. You don’t have to be a scientific genius
  • Image quality is outstanding
  • Continues working for 3 hours on one battery charge
  • Has rechargeable battery
  • It’s wireless

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