Hopped Up Beer Glass

It’s 5:00 somewhere and with this Hopped Up Beer Glass, you’ll be ready to roll! This unique glass will become your favorite glass to drink a nice cold beer from. Attached to the bottom of the glass is a silicone cap that is removable. This makes for a nice coaster to set your brewskie down upon, so you don’t leave that annoying water ring on the table.

The Hopped Up Beer Glass is roomy, too. You can fit a 16 oz. bottle of beer in this glass with plenty of room to spare for that creamy beer foam.

This beer glass makes a wonderful addition to your drinking glasses and also makes a unique gift for your friends that enjoy a good cold glass of handcrafted beer.

When it’s time to get together for some quality time and good conversation, be sure to bring your Hopped Up Beer Glass. Or better yet, bring a few and pass them around.

Top Features:

  • Holds 16 ounces
  • Inverted, removable silicone cap
  • Use the cap as a coaster
  • Unique design

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