InkCase I7 for iPhone 7 is Real Value

You’ve been thinking about protection for your iPhone 7 and have been weighing the options of a cover versus a case, but not quite sure which direction to go. First, let’s distinguish a cover from a case. A cover is simply a frontal screen protector that snaps on with magnets while a case is a full-pad protective armor that completely secures the iPhone and has a lot of additional, awesome features. While there’s no shortage of case options, the inkcase iPhone cover is absolutely incredible. If you’re looking for perfection in a case, the InkCase I7 is all of that. Durable, lightweight and useful, the InkCase I7 will not disappoint.

Added protection

The InkCase I7 is undoubtedly the best iPhone protection on the market today thanks to its improved BubblePro technology. Although this is one of the lightest, thinnest and most fitted cases available anywhere, it still offers drop-proof protections.

This adds up to no cracked screen with a simple slip out of the pocket.

The rugged InkCase I7 case fully protects the iPhone from the nicks and scratches that comes along with everyday use. This is an incredibly rugged design that will stand up to the test of time and use.

Loaded with features

The InkCase I7 isn’t simply a protective case for your iPhone, this is an electronic, smart device that stands on its own and is loaded with features.

You can relive treasured memories with InkCase I7’s amazing customizable photo wallpaper. There are life-like quality and clarity in this full-screen imagery.

It also features a live information center to keep you updated throughout the day. This is in addition to the crystal sharp text for a crisp reading experience with 217dpi at 480*800 resolution. The InkCase I7 also has a large 4.3″ screen which is much easier on the eyes and makes reading eBooks on your phone a snap and much more comfortable experience.

You can also keep your day well organized and never forget a thing again with the powerful task manager along with a clock on the backside.

Saves battery life

You don’t have to worry about rapid battery power loss when you’re in the middle of an important task.

Because it requires virtually no power to display text the InkCase I7 consumes absolutely no battery for the time that is displayed. There is only a minimal battery usage consumed while the screen is refreshed.

It also has a sleep feature built right in that automatically activates when the device is closed.

Designed for extreme conditions

Ever try to read a book on your iPhone in the full sun at the beach? The screen is a dark blur that’s nearly impossible to see. All of that is in the past and forgotten with the clarity of the InkCase I7, even under these extreme conditions.

InkCase i7 conforms to an active, outdoor lifestyle by excelling with its high anti-glare properties. Whether you’re on the boat or at the beach, InkCase I7 is easy to read and outperforms the competition with its clarity.

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