Smart Running Xiaomi Shoes with Built-in Chips

Running is a great way to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. One of the most tedious things to do when trying to stay fit is to keep a running journal. What if you could keep a diary of your runs automatically, with all of your workouts stored in “the cloud,” complete with data such as your run path and the distance you ran? Xiaomi intelligent sneakers give you this possibility. And at the sales price of 57.00, it’s cheaper than a Fitbit.

A smart shoe will do you no good if they’re bad for your feet, but no need to worry. These running shoes are stylish, quality running shoes, suitable for daily wear and training for all seasons. They are built to provide your feet with all the support they need during your runs and walks. Not only are they “smart” but they are light, shock-absorbing, sweat-absorbing, anti-slip, fitted with breathable cushioning, and durable. You can buy them in various colors: black, blue, neon bright green, neon green, orange, and red.

The Chip Features

  • The Xiaomi smart chip is easy to install. Simply place it in the slot located in the insole of the right shoe, with its logo face up. Pair the chip with your smartphone, and you’re ready to go.
  • The chip is compatible with the following smartphones: Android Phones 4.4 OS/Android 4.4+ OS. iPhones 4s/5/5c/6/6plus with iOS 7.0/iOS 7.0+.
  • Its battery lasts a year.
  • The chip that connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0.
  • The chip detects 180 steps/min, giving a very accurate reading of your runs and walks.

How the Smart Shoes Work

These smart shoes work just the same as the Fitbit. The only difference is that the Xiaomi Mi chip that collects the data is in a fitted slot located in the sole of the right shoe. To begin using your shoes, do the following:

  • Download the Xiaomi Running APP to your smartphone.
  • Open the Xiaomi Running APP, and it’ll pair with your shoes automatically.
  • Run the application.
  • Go for your run!

The chip collects data such as your running route, number of steps, calories burned, and running speed and sends it to the application on your phone automatically. The data is ready to be shared with social media, should you choose to show off your rock-solid commitment to fitness to your friends. Also, you will be able to run without anything on your wrist.

The Benefits of the Xiaomi Mi Chip Running Shoe

In conclusion, let’s consider the benefits of utilizing smart running shoes. First of all, with the data the chip compiles for you, you’ll be able to have an accurate report of your workouts. You can use this data to determine your next steps to achieve your running goals. Tracking your workouts also can help you be more motivated to continue with your training and work just a little harder for your next workout. By utilizing its social media features, you can use the app to inspire yourself and your friends to achieve the goals you set for yourselves and have more fun doing it.

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