Smart Candles! Change the Atmosphere in Your Home!

Are you tired of having to buy traditional wax candles over and over? Have you ever considered how big of a fire hazard they really are? If you have thought about any of those questions, then I think it is time for you to buy the YeeLight by Xiaomi! This is also known as the Smart light. This is definitely a great alternative to buying wax candles and you have the option through your Android device or your Apple device to change the color of the light itself. Do you want to know how many colors you have to choose from? Of course you do! You have about sixteen million different RGB colors at your fingertips, literally. This device can also analyze any music you are playing in the background of your home and change color, so you can always have a great new atmosphere! When you are controlling the smart light through your application you also have the ability to adjust the brightness of the light itself and it also comes with multiple lighting options.
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Moving on, this light only uses 10 watts of power, so it is very easy on your electric bill, and you can expect it to have a lifespan of about twenty thousand hours. That is absolutely incredible! You can’t tell me you can buy an expensive traditional wax candle that will last that long now can you? If you choose to buy this product you would not only be minimizing a fire risk, but you would be saving money. If you also happen to own a Mi band, then you could also connect it to the Yee Light via the app, and it will even shut off when you go to sleep! Wow, that is the third way this gadget can save you money! What is there not to love about the YeeLight? Can’t you imagine yourself snuggling up to your partner with all of your lights off and the smart light just creating a warm, vibrant romantic ambiance? I bet you all are seeing hearts right now! This electronic device is definitely a game changer in the love department and I recommend you go out and try it right now to see for yourself. I would be willing to bet as soon as you get one of these that cupid will be shooting arrows of love at you and the shining star in your life!
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[wpsm_tab title=”Features”]Main Features:

  • Magic colors: choose from a tremendous range of 16 million colors
  • Dimmable: adjust color temperature and brightness for suitable light
  • Color temperature: 1700K-6500K color temperature gradual change function
  • Perfect CRI: professional optical design with high-quality Osram LED that of high color rendering index
  • Touch control design: simple touch to adjust brightness / change color / delay switch off / switch light mode as you desired


  • Wattage: 10W
  • Lamp inputr voltage: 12V, 1A
  • Adapter input voltage: 100 – 240V, 50/60HZ, 0.5A
  • Lifetime: 20000h
  • Operation: touch control, App control
  • System: compatible with Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above systems
  • Scan the QR code at the end of the page to download App

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