Creative Math Geek Wall Clock

Perhaps you think that wall clocks are now outdated because of the abundance of smartphones and smart watches being used. Most everyone these days has a smartphone and keeps it with them at all times, making it easy to know exactly what time it is.

But wall clocks are not ancient history just yet. Maybe many people pass by the wall clock aisles in local department stores, but sales for unique wall clocks are booming online. Online sales for just about any product these days are booming, since a majority of people are now committed to online shopping vs. getting in their car and going out to shop.

Fortunately, there are some rather unique and interesting wall clocks available for very affordable prices. There are all sorts of theme focused clocks out there, ranging from Star Wars to Pokemon to Batman to NFL fans.

Take the Creative Geek Math Number Wall Clock, for example. The numbers are replaced with various mathematical symbols. Some are humorous and some are quite interesting and unique. You’ll see numbers squared, the pie symbol, division symbol, fractions, and more. Every math and digit lover will appreciate such an ingenious wall clock.

Whether you’re a mathematician, physicist, accountant, scientist, analyst, or simply a number person, this clock will add pizzazz to your home or office. It also makes a great conversation piece, for sure.

Here are the top features of the Creative Geek Math Number Wall Clock:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Eye-catching, great conversation piece
  • Contemporary design
  • Comes in various colors
  • Powered by only 1 AA battery

Do you have a math or number lover in your life? If so, consider getting them this unique and stylish Geek Clock for a gift they’ll be sure to love. You’ll not only be encouraging their love of numbers and science, but also let them know that you appreciate their affinity for mathematics as well.

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