Light up Wheels for your Bike? Oh Yes!

Hello everyone, today I am checking out a new product I recently purchased that is going on my old school Haro trick bike. I am not talking new handle bars, or a new seat; but, I am talking about these amazing LED lights that fit right on your front and back wheels. This is the future of style. I am talking about the XuanWheel X1. If you haven’t seen these amazing things yet, then I suggest you do a quick Google search and check them out. It isn’t only an awesome product, but it is also an amazing accessory if you have kids and you are trying to get them to exercise more frequently. These things will literally make your kids never want to get off their bikes!

Anyhow, let’s get straight to the facts. If you don’t know what these things can do, well let me tell you! The first amazing feature of the X1 by XuanWheel is that you have the option to fully program the LED lights themselves. You can find or create the images you want to display by just using their application via iOS7 or above, or if you have an Android device that has an iOS of at least 4.3. If you want to transfer your own custom images, then this is done via Bluetooth and make sure your device is equipped with at least Bluetooth version 4.0 or else it might not be supported.

Furthermore, don’t you worry about rainy days, because this product is waterproof! Before we get too in depth with the other features I want to remind you guys that if you want both of your wheels to light up, then please remember to buy two XuanWheel X1’s. Okay, now that we have that out of the way let’s continue with the awesome fun features that this fun product brings to the table. There are 192 LED lights on this specific device and you only have to go about eight kilometers per hour to have the entire graph display, whereas with other products you have to at least go fifteen kilometers per hour. I believe we have already blown the competition out of the water with this one, but we will press on.
[wpsm_video width=”790″ height=”445″][/wpsm_video]
Additionally, if you are worried learning about setting up the XuanWheel X1 for your bike, installation takes only about five minutes and downloading the application is even quicker than that! The lights themselves will give you eight hours of continued use and the charging time is half of that which would be a total of four hours. I must also tell you guys that these babies burn bright at night, and can really make night riding a ton of fun. Be adventurous and take these bad boys out for a spin with the kids during dusk! One more thing I forgot to mention is that the application can also track riding data like current speed, average speed, and how much riding time you have accumulated as well as tracking your total journey itself. Go out there and get mobile folks, give yourself a reason to get healthy and cut down that computer time!

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