Night Vision Tech For Your Kids!

I remember when I was a kid and there wasn’t the cool technology that we have today. Now days kids can fly drones, be a spy with hidden cameras, or be a special agent fighting crime with these awesome Night vision goggles that come with flip out lights by JYW! These things define what cool is today and you guys definitely need to get a pair for your children! The goggles themselves come with a heavy duty adjustable head band for easy adjustment and some slick looking green lenses that have etched graphics on them which light up when the lights are turned on. The night vision goggles are very comfortable and come built better than most of their competitors. They not only factored in durability, but they also had comfort in mind as well. Most brands have a hard nose piece and these goggles have took their product up a notch by adding a small nose pad! They really had children in mind when creating this device, because if something isn’t comfortable to wear, then most likely you won’t want to play with it much.

By the way, these are great safety goggles too, because these little babies even come with a bullet proof guarantee. That means if your child is playing a game like paintball, technically he or she could wear these without fearing that they might get hit in the eyes. This added feature is something you normally don’t hear about in the toy industry. When your child decides to take these night vision goggles for a test drive during the night, then you can expect them to have about twenty five feet of visibility and the lights that pop out of the side of the goggles will emit a nice beam of blue light. Man these things make me wish I was a kid again.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a pair just to test out myself! I just can’t say enough good things about this thing! I do want to make you consumers aware that when you purchase these goggles don’t forget to purchase four AAA batteries in order to power the device! If you do forget the batteries you can probably expect a very unhappy child when this project hits your doorstep and he or she is anxiously waiting to play with their new night vision goggles.

This cool new toy can also give you parents out there a good reason to spend some extra time with your family. Try to do some fun and interesting things with these goggles. Perhaps maybe you could take them out at night and play a game of hide and go seek, or a fun game of tag where the person who is “it” can wear the goggles! This toy can bring endless possibilities if you use your imagination! Don’t let your age stop you from joining in on the fun. Go on, be a kid again, and create some amazing memories with your children!

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