10 Best Cool Gifts Under $30 You Can Take Reference

Looking for cool gifts for friends or family members is a headache for many people, especially when you’re short of money. In fact, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a cool gift for them. Because here, about 10 types of the best cool gifts you can take reference under $30.

3D Cute Dog Soft Pillow Cotton Cushion

If your friends or family members are a dog lovers, you can choose this gadget for him/her. Of course, you can buy this dog pillow for your furry friends. This pillow is designed with cute dog expression. The high-quality fluffy pearl cotton is soft and elastic. It’s natural reactive dyeing, healthy and non-toxic. Additionally, it’s machine washable, no deformation, no fading.

IRIN Watermelon 21 inch Ukulele

You can choose this novelty Ukulele for your friend who like to play music. The watermelon pattern makes the Ukulele look unique, and more suitable to play in Summer.

Camera Lens Stainless Steel Cup

For your friend who is a photography lover. This camera lens cup may be your first option. This deceptively realistic, travel mug looks just like a camera lens, perfect for coffee lovers and camera enthusiasts alike. The stainless steel lining keeps drinks hot and is extra easy to clean. The screw-top lid with sliding sip top keeps your coffee from spilling as you venture off road to capture that perfect shot.

Itazura Piggy Bank Stealing Coin Cat Bank

If you would like some cute things, we will suggest you to buy this coin box. It is a automatically Coin Bank with a cute cat design which will come out of cardboard box and grab your coins from the fish dish. Just put the coins on the fish dish, the cat will help you to take it in, then help you to save it. It’s really a perfect gift for kids or girls.

Nose Shaped Design Soap and Sanitizer Gel Dispenser

Is there any practical gadget but novelty? If you are seeking for something novelty, we will suggest you this item. You cannot image this big nose is a dispenser of soap. But actually, it is! Hang it on the wall of the bath room, and squeeze the nose, gel will ooze out from the right nostril, amazing!

3D Printer Pen

$30 cannot afford for a 3D printer. But you can buy this 3D printer pen instead. This handheld 3D printer is an innovative and interesting gift idea. Unlike a normal 3D printer pen, the 3D printing pen can not load any 3D file so your creativity is up to your hand.

USB Nightlight Astronaut Model Lamp

Another practical gift we suggest is this USB nightlight. It’s designed as an astronaut toy, which looks very cute. As other USB light, it’s easy to use by inserting into a USB port. But don’t forget to open its face mask.

Wuben G341 Mini Pink Flashlight

In addition to wallet, keys, phones, flashlight is considered as an essential gadget we every day carry. This mini flashlight is a good gift option. It’s not only a practical tool in various emergency situation, but can also be an elegant decoration in daily life.

Ultralight Inflatable Lazy Sofa with Pillow Beach Chair

This item is an ideal gift for family. The folding inflatable sofa is lightweight, extremely comfortable and a snap to set-up and use. You only need two scoops of air and you’re ready for relaxation. No pumps needed! It can be deflated within seconds and is extremely easy to take with you thanks to the convenient carrying bag. Buy it and enjoy your weekend with your family, at anywhere.

Stylepie FUN-FUN LED Night Light

This lovely bell style night light is designed with multiple function. Soft warm light accompanies you every night. It is easy for use and carry with innovation magnetic USB cable. Delicate package makes it a perfect gift for your friends and families.

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