Joyetech Ocular C Touchscreen 150W Box Mod

There was once a time when an LCD display on a vaping mod was considered just a gimmick, but things have changed and people have come to realize the convenience and features touchscreens offer. 150W Ocular C is the bigger brother of 80W Ocular TC box mod that also features a touchscreen and could be used as a portable media player. Featuring a color touchscreen, Ocular C is powered by two replaceable batteries that provide enough juice for 150W output. The multi-purpose device in addition to being a vaping device, also serves as a portable media player and daily activity tracker. Intense competition has forced the manufacturers to squeeze in as many features as possible without inflating the prices. Ocular C is a clear example of where the industry is heading towards and offers a whole bunch of features at an affordable price.

Ocular C looks more like a media device than a vaping product, but don’t let the looks deceive you as it’s actually quite a powerful box mod. The touchscreen display is one of the best used on a vaping product and allows vapors to clearly see everything. A touchscreen display generally means more power consumption and less battery life, but the mod is powered by two removable batteries, resulting in pretty decent battery timing. Ocular C is almost the same product as Ocular with wattage being the only difference. If you are not looking for serious power, Ocular 80W is a better choice and can help you save some money.


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Parts Specs
Power output 150W (upgradable to 200W via firmware upgrade)
Material Zinc Alloy
Wattage range 101-150W
Temperature Control Range 100-315 Degrees Celsius
Atomizer resistance 0.05 ohm (minimum)
Built-in memory 2 GB
Display 1.68-inch @ 320 x 240 resolution, capacitive touch panel
Multimedia MP3 playback, image viewer, 3.5mm headphones jack
Connectivity MicroUSB port, firmware upgrades, Bluetooth
Protection Dual-circuit, reverse polarity, short-circuit, over-draw, weak battery, imbalanced batter and low resistance protection
Battery 2 x 18650 (not included in the package), Magnetic/Sliding battery cover
Product weight 259 grams
Package weight 453 grams
Product dimensions 9.10 x 4.50 x 3.20 cm
Package contents OCULAR C, USB cable, manual



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  • Touchscreen display
  • Music playback
  • Photo viewing
  • Dual replaceable batteries
  • Built-in Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Screensavers for enhanced personalization
  • Easy operation
  • Better control over vaping habits
  • Upgradable to 200W via firmware update
  • Stainless steel thread


Pros and Cons

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  • Great value for the money
  • Joyetech App for smartphones
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Crisp, clear and colorful display
  • Music and photos on the go
  • Built-in Pedometer

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  • Accidental touches can be a problem
  • Vaping and music playback not possible simultaneously


Display and Design

The 1.68 inch touchscreen display @320×420 pixels is the key highlight of the product and features a higher resolution. Everything appears clear and crisp and the display allows users to adjust all settings more conveniently. However, convenience comes at a cost and the display is prone to accidental touches. The built-in MP3 player and 3.5mm headphones jack allows listening to music, while the users can also save their photos that can be viewed using the built-in image viewer. You can even set your favorite photos as screensavers, which takes box mod personalization to another level. Pedometer is another interesting feature of the mod that helps monitor activity level and counts your steps while you have the mod with you. Bluetooth allows transferring music and photos to other Bluetooth-enabled devices and computers.


Ocular C performs on par with other high-power box mods and there are virtually no delays when firing up. One nasty thing that may annoy many vapors is mod’s inability to play music and allow vaping at the same time. Either you vape or listen to the music, but you can’t do both simultaneously. Thankfully, Ocular C can be firmware upgraded and we can expect Joyetech to fix the issue soon. The company also claims that an update can enhance the power to 200W, which is good news for vapors who need even more power.


Ocular C is like an all-in-one box mod that not only provides ample power to satisfy even the power users, but also features a quality display and can be used as a portable media device. Replaceable batteries mean you can swap them when you run out of juice. The mod is not just meant for advanced users and also works well for casual vapors. We still cannot say with certainty if the touchscreen display and music playback is just a gimmick or something useful. But it’s always good to have more options and Ocular C provides most of them you’ll ever find in a box mod.

How to Buy

Ocular C 150W is available at a special price from Gearbest in Black and Silver color, but for a limited time period. The following link takes to the product page that provides more information about shipping and pre/post-sales support.

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