SYMA X5SC-1: Unbeatable Value for Starters and Enthusiasts

The latest in SYMA’s popular X5 lineup, X5SC-1 is an update to X5C-1, offers incredible value at dirt-cheap price and features a camera and headless mode. Thanks to RC toys like these that we are witnessing an exponential growth in quadcopter ownership and a sharp decrease in the prices. X5SC-1 is one of the most affordable, yet capable quadcopters out there and is an excellent option for starters and enthusiasts. It’s a good starting point for people who want to understand how the technology works and prepare themselves for future upgrades. Drones featuring durability, headless mode, HD video recording and more used to cost a lot just a few years ago, but Chinese manufacturers have changed the whole scenario. That’s why it’s no surprise that the quadcopter offers so many features, add-ons and great functionality at a very affordable price.


Introduction of Headless Mode in a sub $50 quadcopter is in fact a great feature for starters as it makes flying and controlling a drone much easier. But there is much more to the equation as X5SC-1 also allows you to perform 360-degree flips as well as barrel rolls through the stunt button. Although the camera on offer isn’t really good at capturing detailed and clear images, at $50 it’s still a big plus and makes the drone much more useful. The quadcopter is able fly for around 6-8 minutes on a single charge with everything running such as video recording, which is not bad by any measure. There is no shortage of super-cheap batteries you can use with the drone, which can provide you with more flight time.


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Parts Specs
Functions 3D rollover, Camera, Forward/backward/Sideward flight, Turn left/right, Up/down, Back/front lights
Motor type Brushed
Features Gyro, night flight, heads free mode, 360 Flips and barrel rolls, 6-axis stabilization
Flight range 100 meters, controlling distance 50 meters
Camera 2MP
On-board Storage 4GB
Peak SPL 98 dB
Remote Control 2.4GHz Wireless, 4 Channels
Transmitter Power 4 x 1.5V AA battery
Battery 3.7V 500mAh rechargeable battery with a flight time of 6-8 minutes
Charging time around 2 hours
Package dimensions, weight 44.00 x 24.50 x 11.00 cm, around 1KG
Package Contents 1 x Quadcopter, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Camera, 1 x Card Reader, 1 x 4GB Storage Card, 1 x USB Charger, 2 x Blade, 4 x Undercart, 4 x Protector



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  • Durable design and sturdy build quality
  • Camera
  • Headless mode
  • 360-degree flips
  • 6-axis stabilization
  • Decent flight time
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry around


Pros and Cons

  • Exceptional value for the money
  • Durable design, can take some hits
  • Great for starters
  • Supports swapping in super-cheap batteries
  • Stunt button
  • Full-wrapping motor and protection frame

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  • Considering the asking price – None, but the stabilization could have been better



It’s hard to suggest a durable quadcopter with a camera and plenty of other features in a $50 price range, but X5SC-1 makes it easier and offers so much for its asking price. The headless mode makes it easier for starters to fly the drone, while dedicated stunt button makes the whole experience more enjoyable and fun. Although you cannot expect much from the built-in camera, it’s still there in case you need to record footage of some important scene you’d not want to miss. X5SC-1 drone-cum-toy offers a lot in terms of value and is one of the best choices for people who want to get hands-on experience with the technology.

How to Buy

SYMA X5SC-1 is available at Gearbest in Black, Red and White colors. The following link takes to the product page that provides more information about shipping and offers support for pre/post sale queries.

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