Superlux HD681 Headphones: Hi-Fi Sound at an Insanely Cheap Price

Superlux HD681 is a dream come true for audiophiles who want quality sound without breaking the bank. Considering its price, the headphone is surprisingly well-built and comfortable to use, thanks to the sturdy plastic frame and vinyl ear cups. The headphones are designed to listen to crucial listening applications to pick even the tiniest details in music.


Superlux HD681 is a monitor headphone designed to effectively expose details in music. It provides a notable boost in the upper-mids and accentuates hi-frequency instruments. There aren’t many headphones we can compare to it in this price range and HD681 easily outclasses other products. To make things more interesting for the audiophiles, the headphones can also be modded for even better performance and output.


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Parts Specs
Wearing type Semi-open Self-adjusting headband
Function Noise cancelling
Headset type Dynamic
Connectivity Wired (9-feet cable)
Compatibility 3.5mm, Full-sized plug for Computer, Mobile phone, Portable Media Player
Impedance 32ohms
Peak SPL 98 dB
Frequency Range 10 – 30000 Hz
Maximum Power 300 mW
Product weight 276 grams
Package Contents 1 x Superlux HD681 Headphones, 1 x 1 / 4″ Stereo Full-size Plug Adapter, 1 x Sotrage Pouch


Superflux HD681


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  • Detailed sound
  • Even bass response
  • Sturdy, yet comfortable
  • High precision pristine tone and sonic punch
  • Full-size around the Ear earcup
  • Studio design


Pros and Cons

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  • Best value for the money
  • Good resolution
  • Can be modded for even better performance
  • Crisp and clear sound

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  • Design/aesthetics may not please eyes
  • Semi-open design a problem in noisy environments
  • Limited availability


Superflux HD681


Superlux HD681 is arguably the best available product in the $20 price range and offers an excellent bang for the buck. If you can live with its strange and not-so-cool looking design, there won’t be much left to complain about it. They are well-built and produce crisp and detailed sound so you never miss a beat.

How to Buy

Currently available at a flash sale price in Black/Red color, Superflux HD681 has long been a favorite of audiophiles looking for best value for their money. So hurry up and grab one for yourself before the stock runs out. Follow the link for details about shipping and more

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