Cheerson CX-20 Quadcopter: Much More than Just a Toy

Manufactured by Cheerson Hobby Technology Company Limited, one of China’s top drone manufacturers, CX-20 is an affordable, yet feature-rich quadcopter. The drone provides an excellent learning experience to people who want to explore the world of UAVs. It’s a GPS enabled QC with professional looks and a durable body.  The camera mounting base and auto Pathfinder allow enthusiasts to truly explore the technology and make the most out of the product.


The attractive and highly integrated design of CX-20 makes it very easy to carry around and can easily be packed into backpacks. It also allows you to mount handy or light cameras like GoPro, which can be used to shoot aerial footage. It’s also very easy to assemble and can be used right out of the box after attaching propellers and installing the batteries (need to be fully charged before use).  Not only CX-20 is well built and durable, it’s also a very stable flier. However, the gadget probably won’t satisfy you if you are a thrill speedster. The drone is more about stability and consistent performance than speed (max flight speed 36km/h).


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Parts Specs
Motor type Brushless
Features Night flight, gyro, GPS hold, auto pathfinder, compact and lightweight design, MX autopilot system, Intelligent Orientation Control, Failsafe and Auto Go Home, Low Voltage Protection, High Intensity Led Lights, camera mount

MX autopilot system, Intelligent Orientation Control, Failsafe and Auto Go Home, Low Voltage Protection, High Intensity Led Lights, camera mount

Low Voltage Protection, High Intensity Led Lights, camera mount

Remote 2.4GHz Wireless, 4 channel, left hand throttle
Transmitter Power 4 x 1.5V AA battery (sold separately)
Detailed Control Distance About 300m
Power Built-in rechargeable battery
Flying time up to 15 minutes
Product weight 0.980 kg
Package weight 2.723 kg
Package Contents 1 x CX – 20 Auto-Pathfinder RC Quadcopter, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Charger, 1 x Copter Battery



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  • 6-axis gyro
  • GPS enabled
  • Camera mount
  • Compact and durable design
  • Auto return
  • Auto-Pathfinder
  • Low voltage protection
  • Night flight


Pros and Cons

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  • Easy to carry
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Supports mounting camera
  • Stable flight

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  • Troubleshooting for Non-Chinese users may be tricky
  • Limited speed



CX-20 is an excellent product for its price and can be particularly useful if you want yourself or other users to train how to fly drones. Support for a mounting a camera means you can also shoot your favorite footage, while low voltage protection ensures that the drone is not damaged when it runs out of battery juice during flight. Overall, the quadcopter offers excellent value for the money and is an excellent option for people who are considering experimenting with the technology or even more seasoned users.

How to Buy

Cheerson CX-20 is currently available at a special discounted price at gearbest, but the offer may not last for long. The following link takes to the product page, which includes many videos demonstrating how it actually works and its performance. The product page also contains information about shipping and how to assemble/operate the quadcopter.

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