Teclast Gaming PC: The Sweet Spot between Price and Performance

How much do you really need to spend on a gaming PC? The answer obviously depends on how much future-proofing you need. Teclast came up with a well-balanced gaming PC that offers solid performance without costing a fortune. In addition to being able to play the latest titles in decent resolution and details, gaming PCs are also better at doing anything else you throw at them. The value-driven gaming PC offers carefully selected components for a better gaming experience, modest power consumption and better stability.

The combination of 6th generation Intel Corei5 processor and NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 provides a solid foundation for gaming. The single-card setup delivers excellent performance, thanks to the snappy processor and NVidia’s Pascal technology that gives a boost to the gaming performance. 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive is a standard affair these days so there is not much to talk about them. The overall design of the CPU resembles Alienware, but with many changes here and there. Some may even call it ‘too flashy’, but that’s a subjective matter and you can turn the extra lights off anyway.


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Parts Specs
Operating system DOS
Processor 6th Generation Skylake Core i5-6400 (4 cores, 4 threads), 2.7-3.3 Ghz, 14nm, 6MB smart cache, TDP 65W
Motherboard MS-H110D4L M.2
RAM 8GB DDR4 (Kingston)
Storage Seagate 1TB Hard Disk Drive (Mechanical)
Casing/Power Tower/300W
Product/Package weight 4.3/5.7 KG
Graphics Card NVidia GeForce GTX 1050, 2GB GDDR5, Memory speed 7Gbps,

Clocked at 1455 Mhz (Max), 640 CUDA Cores, 128-bit memory interface width,

bandwidth 112 Gbps, Max resolution 7680×[email protected], Power 75 W

Product dimensions 43.50 x 38.00 x 20.00 cm



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  • Good value for the money
  • Excellent gaming and multimedia performance
  • Well-balanced gaming PC
  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Decent cooling
  • Power efficient


 Pros and Cons

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  • GTX 1050 brings gaming to the masses
  • Energy efficient combo
  • Good fps in most modern games
  • Low noise levels

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  • Design may be too flashy for some
  • No OS, Only DOS



NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 is the key highlight of the system and uses Pascal technology for better gaming performance. Pascal delivers pretty good performance as well as power efficiency. Compared to GTX 950 that required an extra 6-pin connector, GTX 1050 draws all the energy it needs from the motherboard. With a TDP of only 75Watts, the GPU consumes less energy and works well with a 300W power supply. The GPU was not designed keeping only performance in mind as it focuses more on cost-value ratio, low energy consumption and smaller size. However, it manages to fluidly run most modern games in Full HD (medium-high settings). If you are looking for reasonable performance, excellent power efficiency and best value, GTX 1050 is one of the very few options available right now.

The Intel Core i5 processor isn’t the fastest around, but works well for most games and multimedia tasks. Just like the GPU, the processor is also energy efficient and delivers decent performance. Adding an extra SSD drive (even 64GB) for running the operating system should give you a noticeable performance boost and is highly recommended. The motherboard used in the system is pretty standard with an m-ATX form factor. You get USB 3.0 ports, SATA 3.0, two RAM slots, four SATA ports and that’s about it.


If you are not planning to play modern games in 4K with all settings at Ultra high, Teclast’s Gaming PC packs enough power to provide you with decent performance. With a 300 Watt power supply, the system burns less energy and remains quiet most of the time. The mainboard only contains two RAM slots so upgrading RAM may prove to be tricky. However, Teclast choose the components very carefully and you probably won’t need to upgrade the system for some time. The gaming system is more about delivering excellent value for the money and is a very balanced rig.

How to Buy

Teclast gaming system is available at gearbest in silver-white color. The following link takes you to the product page that contains information related to shipping.

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