Xiaomi MK01 Backlit Keyboard: Functionality & Style

Xiaomi MK01 is a backlit mechanical keyboard designed keeping functionality, style and comfort in mind. The aluminum alloy panels provide a mechanical feel, while red-switch ensures low resistance and promises a life cycle of 50 million keystrokes. The backlit keyboard is durable, reliable and provides a fast response without conflicts. Multimedia function keys provide a good balance between work and play.

The ergonomic design of MK01 ensures long time use without causing fatigue and suits gamers and professional ‘typists’ alike. The 6-layer structure design is built to fight rust and makes the keyboard a reliable and sturdy input device. Being a backlit keyboard, it allows users to comfortably type regardless of the lighting conditions. The dual-color key caps offer an exquisite feel as well as scratch resistance and improved performance.


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Parts Specs
Type Mechanical (87 keys)
Build material Aluminum alloy + PC/ABS
Interface Wired through microUSB
Lifespan 50 million keystrokes
Response time 0.3 s
Anti-ghosting N-key rollover
Product/package weight 940 grams/1.46 KG
Product size (L x W x H): 35.00 x 12.80 x 3.16 cm
Backlight 3528 back-mounted LED, 6500K Color Temperature and 6 lighting modes



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  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Classic TTC Cherry Red switches
  • PC+ABS Dual Color Key Cap
  • 6-degree Man-Machine aesthetics
  • Elegant and warn white backlight
  • Rugged shell
  • Independent cable design


Pros and Cons

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Elegant backlight
  • Rust and scratch resistant
  • Fast response
  • Multimedia function keys

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  • Limited availability
  • No dedicated Number Pad
  • Package contains no cable
  • Lack of color options



MK01 is a long-lasting and reliable keyboard build keeping gamers and heavy users in mind. The elegant 6500K Color Temperature LEDs are easy on eyes and can be adjusted as desired. Ergonomics, fast response and a unique feel makes it one of the best backlit mechanical keyboards in this price range. It would have been better if the package also included a cable and dedicated number keys.

How to buy

The following link takes to the product page, which details shipping and other details. Currently, the keyboard is only available in white color, which makes sense considering its design and LED color.

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